Is Twilight the next Harry Potter

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Is Twilight the new Harry Potter? I think that both movies and books have their fascination but each is different in quality and purpose than the other one and you can’t really compare the two because

J.K. Rowling has a much different purpose in her saga then Stephanie Meyer’s. People love the romance between Bella and Edward but this is romance whereas Harry Potter is a magical quest that is deeply linked with questions about life and faith. It’s a little of love but it’s more of a magical thriller that is philosophical and inheriting many elements of life that everyone can relate to.

Twilight doesn’t explore the question of life, faith, religion, morals, good and evil. Twilight is just a love story about two people, one a vampire and one a human falling in love and how the human is being attacked by the vampire around her but it’s not the plot of the movie. The vampire is just used to make the movie more interesting but it’s no way the plot of the movie. The movie doesn’t explore the multitude of problems and questions like in Harry Potter. Harry Potter is so complex that you would have to sit still and think hard to keep on reading the book.

It’s very difficult to read and hard to grasp for younger people than Twilight. Twilight is a little on the simple side. The Twilight movie is in no way a masterpiece like Harry Potter and we’re talking about budget, casting and time working on it. Harry Potter is considered a world’s class literature at this point and it’s one of the most widely read book ever in history and this is no the case with Twilight. Twilight has its own fascination but it’s definitely in another genre and not in the same genre as Harry Potter. Harry Potter is a work of 17 years whereas Twilight was written and made into a movie within a couple of years.


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