The Future of The Video Game

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The next generation of video games will be designed by an ever changing set of elements. The past has usually offered hardware and the graphical improvements. The question we must ask ourselves now is; what media types will transform video gaming? Video games have crossed into many media categories. Gaming and entertainment are not the only media types that have been expressed in the industry. Artistic presentations are being developed in the gaming world as well.

I believe folks we have reached an impasse. There used to be a very distant difference between the media types. If, you asked me five years ago where I felt the industry was moving I would have not seen the dramatic integration of film style story telling in to video gaming. Considering the price difference between movies and video games, obviously, there should be a huge difference. The gaming world is evolving into a hybrid media. The future of gaming seems to be rooting itself into more facets of our lives then we really expected it to reach.

The gaming world should now be critiqued to a higher degree than most other medias because the boarding of the spectrum. There is no limit to the future of gaming but the standards are currently inclusive for several media forums. It’s about time we the people, broke the box that protects the video gaming worlds integrity.

Video games are as much an extension of the world we live in. In this way our gaming world is now mirroring movies because it is the closest media that can easily be adapted into the gaming word. Cinema has great appeal because like video gaming we can suspend our disbelief and enter in a world not our own. The grounding factors that binding the two varied art forms is the writing aspect. We need the writing for the games we play to echo the beauty in our literature. As a society we have constantly desired information organized and easy to digest hence the marked move to medias that allow a person to absorb rare data in a first person perspective.

The future of gaming is not the hardware, the wii remotes, the ps3 wands, or the natal. The future of the gaming industry rests very simply in its core content. The games that are doing good today offer two simple things. Playability and communication of singular story arc is the bare minimum new games should have if they are to be considered next generation. The conventions of a game just being a game cannot up if the game is just a marketing too. True, what isn’t a marketing tool today? Well our games deserve better and so do we.


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