Worst Political Scandal Ever?

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Governor of the State of Illinois, USA, Rod R. Blagojevich Federal Police yesterday arrested the USA because he is indicated with transaction haggle positions abandoned by the Senator Barrack Obama, after Barrack elected as President-Elect of the USA will be appointed on 20 January 2009. Rod Blagojevich released temporarily with a guarantee to pay U.S. $ 4,500.

Blagojevich is a public figure known as the disabled. In investigasinya result, federal prosecutors discovered that the man was 52 years old involved in a number of problems of corruption, which found through phone tapping.

Although Barack Obama has not alleged, cases Rod Blagojevich has added a list of problems faced by the U.S. president is elected. Obama the middle of busy with efforts to the establishment of new governance and economic crisis must also give national attention with the case offers a senate seat abandoned by the Governor of Illinois.

Illinois Governor Rod R. Blagojevich will not claim to leave the occupation anticipate various pressure back addressed to him.

My Opinion

  • In fact, ‘Corruption’ is humane, without a recognized nation, religion or country. Therefore, we humans should always be “eling lan vigilant” against this crime against humanity.
  • Rod Blgojevich is cagey, with only the senate seats to sell related to the name of U.S. President elected Barak Obama into famous one of wide world. But never mind the Governor Rob Blgojevich his game already spoiled, rewind it a pity the name of people. Or you’ve covered the U.S. presidential seat?

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