Follow The Pussycat’s Trail: Chapter 2

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A/N: Alright, chapter 2 is UP! Keep on reading guys..i will be updating soon.

Chapter 2 – Ryoma’s heavy bag

Ryoma arrives in Seigaku just in time. It was almost time for them to leave. The van was already set as Coach Ryuzaki occupies the driver’s seat. Everyone was in except for Momo-senpai who was still packing up some things in the van’s compartment.

“Echizen!” he yelled at a distance.”Better hurry were almost going!”

“Hai Senpai!” Ryoma replied as he hurriedly walks towards the van.

Momo-senpai offered to carry his bag for him to place it the compartment.

“ Say, Echizen, you’re luggage is real heavy. What’s in it?” Momoshiro asks with curiousity.

“Not much really, just my tennis stuffs and some clothes.” Ryoma confidently stated.

“But it weighs too heavy for those.” Momoshiro insisted.

“Senpai, my bag is always heavy so better get used to it.” Ryoma answered.

As Momoshiro was about to say more, Coach Riyuzaki then calls for them to be on board. So the two do as what their Coach has commanded. It was now time to leave when a voice shouts softly from a distance.

“Wait Obaa-chan, Wait for me!”

It was Sakuno.

“I thought you’re not coming anymore. What took you so long this time?” Her obaa-chan asks in some sort of scolding manner.

“I’m sorry, I was on my way but I noticed I did not carry any luggage so I have to go back for it obaa-chan.” Sakuno replied with such frustration.

“You silly kid, now get on board were already delayed.” Coach Ryuzaki commanded her granddaughter. “You sit on the back.”

Sakuno hurriedly enters the van. She flushed when she noticed that it was Ryoma who was sitting next to her. She greeted him with a simple hello and he just made a quick glance at her and nod. He leaned himself on the glass focusing his views on the outside.

Watch out for Chapter 3 – “Arrival and A Surprise”


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