Cheap Prague Hotels On The Go

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Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, has become quite a hot spot for the tourist which is why getting lodgings in even the cheap Prague hotels is proving to be a challenge. The prices demanded by the Prague city hotels are exorbitant to say the least. Though everything else like food and conveyance is quite cheap, there is no limit to what you will have to pay in Prague luxury hotels.

You don’t need to expect any inconvenience if you have a reservation in a suite of Prague lodging. But if there is no advance booking, then you may have to pay a lot more than you had bargained for.

Famous lodging in Prague

There are many tourist attractions in Prague which make it a likely spot for the families as well as honeymooners to visit this beautiful place. At the peak tourist season, all the Prague city hotels including diplomat Prague hotels do brisk trade.                                                

Many new buildings have cropped up besides old Prague lodging. They are a blessing in disguise as you can still view the historical monuments without going far to search for the cheap Prague hotels.

There are some cheap Prague lodgings to be had in the off season. But the prices get doubled up during the peak season in all Prague city hotels. Their peak season is from March till October. During the rest of the period, discounts are offered intermittently for customers in Prague luxury hotels and even diplomat Prague hotels.  

In some Prague luxury hotels and diplomat Prague hotels, you may have to pay minimum CZK2740 (€110) for one night in peak season and CZK1990 (€80) for only basic facilities in a modern hotel like Nova Město. In a Prague lodging, you can expect to pay amid CZK994 (€40) and CZK1242 (€50). All these prices are subject to the demands of the owner and the time or place. 

So you had better plan for your holidays in advance. The accommodation prices generally soar during the holiday season. But the rates at Christmas time remain the same until the last week of December. You can see the rate list of all seasons mentioned in the catalogues of the cheap Prague hotels.

If you have holidays in your mind, get your cheap Prague hotels booked in advance as because of its popularity amongst tourist spots, one may not get a hotel at all.

Prague is a dream destination if you are a heritage lover. Read the Guide to cheap Prague hotels before you start your vacation there and stay in this beautiful place which has all amenities and facilities to offer.


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