The Importance of Basic Link Building

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Critical to the survival of any website is the amount of quality traffic that the website receives. At the core of high quality traffic creation are link building strategies. The process of building links to a website is to aid in the process of getting your site to rank high in search engines for the target keywords. Another factor that is dramatically improved by building links is the amount of traffic that the website receives. If you are building links on high traffic websites, then you will have a better chance of receiving some overflow of that traffic onto your website.

“It is extremely important that you have an ongoing and consistent link building plan in place if you want to build a successful website within the search engines.”

Building links to a website can be thought of much like the years of high school. You are trying to make your website the “Popular Kid”, and this is done by “Building Links”, or “Making Friends”. The more links/friends that you can make, the more popular you will become. Most people who understand the basic principles of SEO realize that a moderate and consistent link building campaign is the best way to go for long lasting results. This is especially important for people who are trying to operate an income-generating website such as an Internet marketing blog . So try to set up a link building plan that involves building a number of links each day at a consistent rate. This will help to increase the effectiveness of your links by showing the search engines that you are updating and working on your links daily. The search engines will love new content and links.

“It is much more efficient to create a large amount of links over a longer period of time, rather than to get all the links all at once.”

If you were to build a large amount of links to a website all at the same time, then you would most likely be penalized for unnatural link building practices. This is looked down upon by most big search engines. So be sure that you are actually planning your marketing so that it looks natural to the search engines.

Since most links are almost permanent, an ongoing link building process will be beneficial in the long term. Building relevant and keyword specific backlinks over time will ultimately be the key factor in getting your website to the top of the list in search engines. Make sure that you are not overlooking this most basic requirement for a successful website, and build your links continuously!


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