Keep Your New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight

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   My first tip to each person that asks about losing weight in the new year is: WHY WAIT UNTIL JAN. 1? You know, the mind is a funny thing. I will hear someone tell me of their plans to get in shape right after the new year, and without any remorse or guilt, they feel it perfectly acceptable to go ahead and make sure they eat everything in sight now, until that dreaded day arrives. This is where the evil 5-10 pounds of holiday weight gain appears.

Do yourself a huge favor, when Christmas is over toss out all the junk in your house and any places where you spend a lot of your day. If you see food that isn’t going to make you feel good (both inside and out) toss it out, now. As human beings we are weak creatures and we don’t need the extra temptation of food that only makes us feel bad later.

The next activity towards the new you is to just choose one exercise for each day of the week. Take about five minutes to do your “mini” workout. Begin with a warm up with something like 10-20 crunches, followed by 5-10 pushups. Then do your one exercise of choice-this can be anything you choose that you enjoy. Whether it’s pilates or plyometrics, or clean and presses, the idea is to get a little movement going and increase your heart rate. Most people find that once they start into something they may have the energy to push a little bit more each day.

In terms of your nutrition, stick to the simple foods that are ready to eat as they are, ie. veggies and fruits. The only thing you really need to cook possibly is your lean proteins. Protein is vital to having a lean physique because it helps to build muscle and keeps the belly satisfied longer. About 1/2 your plate should be filled with choices like skinless chicken breast, or ground turkey and fat free cheeses. Below this article is a list I give all my fitness training clients when they begin their program with me. Yes, I am giving it away for free because I really want to help bring everyone to better health.

The most important thing to remember of course is to have patience with yourself. It will not happen in a single day. Think of where you are now, and how long it took you to get there. Generally speaking, it usually takes that long (depending on how hard you work at it) to get back to your fit and healthy self again. Remember, if you slip off track one day. Begin each new day like it was your first!
   Grocery List: Breads, Grains, and Cereals: 100% whole wheat bread (includes english muffins and smaller bagels) plain brown rice or wild rice (no instant or boxed varieties) whole wheat pasta try Barilla Plus Kashi GoLean highprotein cereal (13 grams) 100% whole wheat or corn tortillas plain oatmeal oat bran wheat germ whole wheat crackers light popcorn beans (drained if canned, low fat varieties) Fruits and Vegetables: fresh or frozen only all varieties of vegetables are great, greens are best sweet potatoes/yams red potatoes all fruits are great berries (especially blueberries) are best Meat, Fish, and Poultry: turkey breast extra lean (no skin) chicken breast (no skin) fish (all types, no breading) red meat very lean only extra lean turkey bacon Louis Rich or Jennie-O Dairy: egg substitute or egg whites fat free milk any type fat free/lowfat cheeses fat free/lowfat yogurt and cottage cheese Fats: extra-virgin olive oil canola oil avocados nuts low salt or raw, almonds are best “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter spray” Herbs and Spices: peppers all varieties fresh herbs are better, bottled should be under 300 mg sodium Spice Hunter brand is awesome


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