Enjoying Your Visit to Buenos Aires, Argentina – Places To Visit, Things To Do

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552088810.gifIt is interesting that the founding of this city is split into two separate times: The first time, in the 16th Century, as the Viceroyship of La Plata. The second time, as the Capital City of the Republic of Argentina, as we now know it.In my travels to Argentina on business, I found this to be an exciting market, offering great potential. I hope to provide you with a good perspective in this executive brief.

Business travelers usually stay in downtown Buenos Aires, where are many fine hotels, centrally located, and within walking distance of all government buildings, and businesses.

The normal business day usually starts at 8:30 to 9:00 AM, with breakfast, to be followed by meetings. Lunchtime is around 1:00 PM. Much business can be done at lunchtime, and in the afternoons, until about 6:30 PM. Cocktail follows between 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM, and can extend to later hours.

It is recommended for men to wear business suits, and for ladies to wear dresses. Do take along an overcoat. A raincoat or umbrella is a must. For evenings, it is good for men to wear a darker suit, and for ladies to wear a woolen dress. During summer months, you might wear elegant sportswear.

Starting with the weather, Buenos Aires has a mild temperature, offering quite a pleasant and agreeable weather, except for later in the calendar year, as December gets near. In terms of rainfall, the city gets an average amount during the year. It does not snow. Humidity is average, and sunshine is quite frequent.

Space wise, Buenos Aires stretches some 500 square miles (about 200 square kilometers). The city is an important international one, host to conventions, trade shows, and many events. I found Buenos Aires to be an important and prominent trade center, offering quite a liberal trade policy by the government.

Natural resources include petrochemical, oil, natural gas. I am always amazed at the downtown area of Buenos Aires, at the numerous historical buildings, museums, and monuments. Walking along downtown, you see the famous Government House, the Cathedral, the Anchorena Palace, and other historical buildings.

The famous opera house, Colon Theater, is one of the best in the world, offering ballets, operas, and other events. The Municipality Theater is open-air, offering concerts, plays and other events. Do take a walk along Florida Street, the Avenida Alvear and the Avenida Santa Fe, for a taste of life in Buenos Aires.

The city is highly cosmopolitan, extremely well equipped with the very best modern facilities. The neighborhood of Recoleta is a must see, formerly a small town with fishing cabins, now, a beautiful town with luxurious French mansions, beautiful parks and exotic gardens. Recoleta offers you a Cultural Center, which is lavish in display of history, with buildings dating back to the 1800s. A visit to the Plaza Alvear shows the entertainment sectors, offering fantastic restaurants, shops and night life.


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