Forums: an Excellent Way to Make Money with Your Bukisa Articles

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FORUMS:  An Excellent Way to Make Money With Your Bukisa Articles

Forums are places on the internet where people with the same interest gather together to input ideas and share experiences.   Forums can be general (such as cooking, work at home business) or they could be very specific (such as forums for specific computer programs, gaming or health topics).  For every conceivable topic there probably is a forum already established about it on the internet.

It was by accident that I discovered how forums can actually make good money for you.  I have been participating on mom forums in the past, reading and sharing posts with other moms about anything related to cooking, crafts and family in general.

When I started writing blogs and articles for Triond and Bukisa, I would promote the articles mostly through social bookmarking sites such as Stumbleupon, Digg and Reddit.  Occasionally I did share articles with the forums, but I did not make it a top priority.  However, it appeared that a lot of people from the forums have clicked and read my articles.  So I experimented a bit further and posted more threads on the forums.  Succeeding reports revealed that yes, more visitors have come from these forum sites.

One of the forums I am referring to is   I just drop a simple one-sentence thread such as “Hello everyone, I would like to share with you this article: 135 Unique and Personalized Gifts You Can Make Under $10“.

The article above helps moms, dads, or anyone make their own unique and inexpensive gifts.  So at the same time you’re helping other people, you’re also earning money when they click to read your article.  It’s true when people say “Do what you enjoy, and the money will follow”.

Therefore I highly recommend joining forums and posting short messages to share your Bukisa and Triond articles with the forum community.   It is an excellent way to add traffic to your articles, aside from the traffic you get from Google, Yahoo, Bing, the social bookmarking sites, and other search engines.  So pick the category in the forums that is closely related to your topic, share your articles and watch your article views increase.

Here is another tip:

Most of the time, each post (also called thread) has the number of views indicated beside it.  Just looking at the number will give you an instant idea of how popular the topic is.  Threads with thousands of views mean it’s a potential hot topic, and that means you can write an article related to it.  But beware of plagiarism:  write an article based only on your own opinions and own words.

These tips are also applicable to writers of other sites such as Associated Content, Ehow or Helium.  Best of wishes to you all!

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