How to Choose the Right Luggage

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For the inexperienced traveler it can be a difficult decision when picking out the right luggage to suit your needs. Take your time when choosing and make sure that you choose a good durable brand that will last for years to come. With all of the brands, materials, and options you should not have a problem finding one that fits your travel lifestyle.

Do some research online about the various brands of luggage available. Check on consumer reviews to see which brands stand out the most in your mind. Those will help you narrow your brand choice down to no more than two preferred brands. This will save you a lot of valuable time when you get to the store you plan to purchase your luggage from.

When you have made a brand decision you will probably want to look at luggage sets, not individual pieces. Luggage sets have different options to suit your needs and your families needs. Sets have varying sizes and types of bags included with them. Some of the options may include pieces of luggage such as: wardrobe bags, overnight bags, and carry-ons.

Some people may need an entirely different type of luggage all together. Couples and families that are into the outdoor vacation spots may intend to do a lot of activities such as: camping, hiking, and RVing. These outdoor enthusiasts may be more suited for a set of luggage that includes items such as backpacks and camping gear. Many luggage stores and sporting goods stores sell just this type of travel equipment.

You will have a choice of hard or soft luggage sets. Hard luggage is just that, hard. It does protect your belongings from being crushed under all of the other bags in the luggage compartment of an airplane. Many long-distance travelers and others still use hard suitcases, yet the majority of today’s vacationers prefer the softer side of luggage. Soft does not mean that it isn’t sturdy, and many fabric choices are tear resistant.

For those with back problems, or if your vacation will require walking a lot with your luggage, you may want to look into getting a suitcase with wheels. This type of luggage also comes in handy when dragging luggage through a crowded airport terminal.

Not only do you need to pick the luggage set that is right for you, make sure the interior options suit your taste as well. Some bags may contain extra inside zippered pockets, mesh pockets, and clothing straps. Be sure to check out each piece of luggage inside and out to make sure there are no blemishes or defects.

If you have some travel experience, and know how many pieces of luggage you want in your set, you can probably visualize what or who each piece of the set will be designated for. For example: one may be used for bathroom supplies and another for miscellaneous items.

Whether or not you go for the traditional style luggage or the outdoor adventurer style, choose one that you really like. Hopefully the set you buy will possibly last you a lifetime, with the exception of those who travel for 90% of their lives for work or business.


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