Discount Summer Vacations Also Exist, But Where?

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This early you are already contemplating on a summer vacation because you’ve heard from others that there are now great discount deals for summer vacations. You’re just not sure whether discount summer vacations do exist.  They do.

All you have to do is to research it in the net because that is the trend in what we now called reality economy. Most people got used to the idea that vacation packages will cost more than they can afford to save for. This trend has changed because businesses have realized that they cannot survive if they kept their prices beyond what people can really afford. Among those that earned a tremendous slash down in prices are the summer vacations. Hence, discount summer vacations do exist and here are some of them:         

Foreign Discount Summer Vacations that Do Exist

1. Find a cheap Caribbean discount summer vacation to the Dominican Republic which will be available by February 16. Take advantage of its low $499 package price which consists of a roundtrip airfare from Fort Lauderdale going to Dominican Republic and a 5-night stay at Coral Costa Caribe Resort. You have to hurry though because the travel offer is limited and may last only till the end of the year.

2. Travelzoo offers 6 nights of staying in a private villa called Adare Manor in Ireland with a car and air-conditioning. Visit the lush greenery of Ireland’s countryside and century old castles for only $499. This includes a roundtrip air fare from three airports to choose from New York, Chicago or Boston to Shannon Ireland.  

3. Pleasant Holidays Hawaii Discount Summer Vacation Packages starting as low as $299 which includes a round-trip airfare coming from San Francisco airport. The discount summer vacation can be taken in any island of your choice in Hawaii but the most recommended dates are for May 25 in Lanai or Maui and beginning March 23. Hawaii is definitely a great place to be during the summer and the abundance of their beaches and tropical sites will not leave you wanting for great summer adventures.   

Local Discount Summer Vacations that Do Exist

1. FunJet Vacations which you can find in Las Vegas, Nevada for a discount summer vacation package of $159. The price includes a roundtrip flight from Los Angeles and will entitle you to a two-night stay at a choice hotel. This offer is good up to March, 2010.    

2. Charleston, South Carolina the Charleston Area Convention & Visitors Bureau offers a discount summer vacation for family fun. The package includes a budget deal at the Francis Marion Hotel, which can accommodate a family of four at $159 per night for a minimum three-night stay. Some of the package deals include a ticket to the South Carolina Aquarium. Charleston is known for its many historical locations and has an abundance of beaches to go to.

3. Find your discount summer vacations at Sta. Barbara, California – this is where you won’t need your car just to have your fun at the beach. In fact, you will be given discounts if you’ll leave your car when on your way to the beach. Simply walk or hike or take the train since the locals are serious in lessening the carbon foot prints coming from California.  You can stay at the Old Yacht for a breakfast and bed package deal with prices starting at $99. It includes a hearty gourmet breakfast, wine socials and free use of bicycles, towels and beach chairs. You may want to ride on the electric shuttle for only 25 cents per ride. If you‘ll be coming over completely car-less which means you will be using the complimentary bikes as your transportation while visiting, the organizers will be giving you $50 dollars for your fare back home.   

You can find many more of these discount summer vacations that do exist by just researching about them in the net. Look for destinations you may have in mind and ask the search engines if there are any available for your budget price, let’s say less than $500 or $1,000. All you need to be is reasonable and you will be able to find one that will suit the kind of discount summer vacation you have in mind.    

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