You Can Get Value For Money Discount Cruise Deals

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Every cruise liner has a discount cruise to offer. They are cruise travels offered at budget deals arranged by independently owned franchise holders of cruise liners and they are more popularly known as budget cruise specialists. They are dedicated into working out the most affordable discount cruise vacation to suit every individual’s need or preference.

A good budget cruise specialist is one who represents almost all cruise ship industry with the lowest priced discount cruise. Their company earns by selling more volume of cruise ship deals, hence every budget cruise specialist strive to stay on top by working out the best yet the lowest priced discount cruise.   

What’s Included in the Discount Price?   
First off, a discount cruise deal should also include the same amenities and privileges hat a regular cruise deal provides. The discount cruise price may be lower but will include the basic sea travel fare, cruise ship meals, cruise ship activities and entertainment and shipboard accommodations. Activities and entertainment refers to non-specialized amenities like use of swimming pools, library, game rooms, sports facilities and fitness center.  

Port charges which refer to the taxes and fees imposed by the government if said costs are incidental to entering and leaving ports of call are not included in the discount cruise deals. Alcoholic beverages, shore excursions, soft drinks, casinos, spa treatments, after hours-baby sitting services, laundry, photographs, ship to shore phone and fax charges are also not part of the discount cruise package deals.    

Here’s an example of a discount cruise being offered by one of the cruise budget specialist online:

There is a seven-night Eastern Caribbean cruise on board the Costa Cruises’ Cost Atlántica which departs at Fort Everglades. The discount cruise offers reduced deposits while two kids up to 17 years old can sail with two adults for free. There will be three days of sea travel and three days of shore visits to three different locations namely St. Thomas, San Juan and Nassau.     

What to find in your Discount Cruise?
Costa Cruises may not be one of the new cruise ships plying the Caribbean seas but it still boasts of elegance and sophistication in sea travel. Old world sophistication is at its best while on board this ship since about 400 original works of art adorn the Cost Cruises’ Atlantica ship.

The elegance includes the Via Della Spiga which boasts of duty free Italian designer items. The cruise ship has four swimming pools where guests can spend their sea traveling days. Your time on board will be full of fun and engaging activities, you’ll forget you still have ports of call destinations to still look forward to.

What to Eat in Your Discount Cruise Ship?
We haven’t touched on the topic of dining yet which has always been the best part of any cruise travels whether discount cruise or regular. You can have the heartiest meal from a wide array of finely prepared cuisine and pastries while on board the cruise ship. The Italian flavored Botticelli Buffet is a collection of sumptuous dishes that could repeatedly draw your attention to keep coming back for more. If you prefer a lighter meal, the Caffé  Florian has that café style atmosphere where meals are equally satiating. If that is not enough, pangs of hunger during ungodly hours can be satisfied by a twenty-four hour room service.    

However your discount cruise will not be complete if you won’t be able to visit the ports of call you are bound for. Here in this Costa Cruise discount cruise, you will be visiting the most popular of Caribbean destination which is St. Thomas, in the US Virgin Islands. Duty free shopping is the most popular activity which you can find in the island’s capital Charlotte Amalie, a duty-free shopping haven. Find prices 40% lower than regular prices of imported goods once sold in the US mainland.  There are Caribbean duty free stores at the ports but you may not find all their prices a bargain as you would hope for. You should have a good enough knowledge of prices for comparison shopping so you will know how much to haggle for.      

Other ports of call are San Juan, Puerto Rico where the featured excursion is at the El Yunque National Forest of Puerto Rico, about 45 minutes from San Juan. Nassau in the Bahamas is currently included in the itinerary but may be subject to change since this port of call has been recently excluded as a port of call due to rampant incidents of robberies held at gunpoint affecting cruise ship guests.

Find your budget cruise specialist now and browse their websites for the lowest discount cruise you will find. Read reviews and find out which of the cruise liners will give you the best value for your hard earned money.  

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