Get To Know About Other Kinds Cruises and Why They Are Popular

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Ship cruises are one of the best ways to spend a vacation whether for romantic getaways or an annual family travel. The experience aboard ship cruises is similar to that of being on board a floating hotel or even a resort on board. Different cruises will take you to different tourist spots while the length of time and distance it will take to reach your destination will be spent being entertained.

Cruise staff will give you the special treatment you deserve and will take care of everything for you. When boarding for cruises, you simply drop off your bags at the pier when you check in and get yourself on board the ship without having to lug anything. Once you’re on board and find your stateroom, you will also find your things neatly lined up inside the room. Mind you though, boarding takes some time since hundreds of passengers will also be on board.     

Now we come to the best part of vacation cruises, the food which is available twenty four hours a day. There is a sumptuous array of selections to choose from in the main dining room. You don’t have to worry about planning and budgeting your meals while on vacation cruises. Most of the foods are already inclusive of the cruise fares you paid for upon booking.     

Now you may think that cruises refer only to those that ply the Caribbean seas or those that are taken on board stately white liners. Once you get the feel of cruises and find yourself hankering for more, it might interest you to know that there are other types of cruises you may want to experience. Cruises are categorized as Large Ocean Liners, Small Cruise Ships, Transoceanic Cruises, Caribbean Cruise Ships, Transatlantic Cruises, and Specialty Cruises.    

Large Ocean Liners- The images of these large ocean liners are the ones you often see on posters. This is why most people have adopted these images as the quintessential example of a cruise ship. They are quite large in the sense that they can load thousands of passengers and hundreds of crew while afloat at sea.

Most first time cruise ship passengers get disappointed when getting on board vintage cruisers. Minds have been formed with images that look like ocean liners, hence, once passengers reach the port, they could not help but be let down by the smallnes of their cruise ship. Large ocean liners are often equipped with the latest in high tech facilities, with mouth watering amenities that everyone wants to have. The larger the Ocean Liner the more incredible are the features in all forms of entertainment are included n their cruises.  

Large Ocean Liners can take you to places all over the world and will follow different routes which may depend on the season. They are also known as Transoceanic or Transatlantic Cruises and they usually take longer sea travels. This is one of the reasons why this types of cruises also provide for children’s entertainment and not just for the adults to prevent boredom from setting in while at sea travel.  

A large Ocean Liner’s travel route is usually by way of Panama Canal and the South American coastline heading towards the Mexican Riviera with smaller islands along the way as the cruise ship’s different ports of call

Small Cruise Ships- The typical cruise ships that ordinary travelers like us board are categorized as small cruise ships. They can load as much as 500 passengers aboard including the crew and staff assigned to their respective cruises. These small cruisers have gained much popularity ever since travel routes in the Caribbean had been established since they were able to reach remote inland areas. Another thing that makes a small cruise ship more enjoyable is the smaller space that confines cruise travelers, which creates better opportunities for making new acquaintances.    

The other categories of cruises will now depend on the kind of destinations you will set your sights on. They may be cruises that will cross the Atlantic Ocean or those that will even cross the Pacific Ocean. Despite the mishaps and tragic events surrounding some of the most famous and largest liners that provided transoceanic cruises, this did not affect its popularity as a passenger vessel. In fact, the melting of the arctic glaciers in the Arctic seas has presented new passage routes that can make sea travel faster; hence, cruises to the Arctic have already been considered. This can only mean that vacation cruises are here to stay.    

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