The Evolution of macys

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Long before it was macys it was daytons then marshall fields now it is called macys but it does not resemble what it once was. Originally Daytons was know for outstanding customer service, then they were bought out by marshall fields years later becoming macys the most greedy department store alive. I should know being a shoe salesman for macys. The evolution of daytons to macys discount hell did not take long to happen.Gone are the days of quality merchandise. Even the customers hate macys and want it to return to its glory and go back to being daytons. The worst part about it is when macys sends coupons to customers and they can’t use them. Probably the most discouraging thing about macys is how they treat their employees. When marshall fields became macys they cut the rates for commission employees from twelve to eight percent so they could make more money. Now everything is always on sale and if it’s not on sale I am usually asked what kind of deal can i give them. commissioned employees also used to get commission on everything now it is just the product in there department. So when a customer wants to ring up a pair of pants or socks i get nothing. In my opinion they are just giving everything away anyways just give it too them for free. This was the worst holiday macys has ever had. The only way to fix it is too start from the ground up.Start treating you employees better and in turn the customer will see this.


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