How to place a stat-counter in your blog?

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Essentially, in order for you to run a counter that reflects the number of visits to your website or in particularly your blog, is to write a set of HTML code. But the problem is that coding is so in-the-past and extremely labour intensive, literally speaking.

There is actually a way which I found that can enables you to effective deploy a stat-counter on your blog that let you know how your page is performing. Introducing Statcounter, a site that provides you with the code to deploy a stat counter on your blog. You could even decide on how your counter box would look like.

That is not all what Statcounter has to offer. It also provides you with a comprehensive report on where your traffic came from, keyword activities, visit span and other useful information that let you discern which are the posts that can bring in traffic and popular with the netizens. Analytical tools are extremely useful when you are someone into monetization of blogs using programs like Google Adsense or AdBrite. This is one helpful resource for blogs to have.

All you need to do is register an account with this site and after filling in the stipulated data, you will get the code which you will be pasting it into your blog set up for the counter to appear on the blog. Personally, I would prefer the visit counter box to be placed at the side-frame, but ti have seen blogs that deploy ithe counter all the way at the bottom frame.


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