Why you should leave an abusive relationship

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If you’re in an abusive relationship, you should make every attempt to leave it. If you don’t, you will only end up with more injuries. If you’re lucky, he won’t hit you but most of them will hit you. Emotional and verbal abuse is bad enough already. You don’t need to stay in that kind of relationship. It’s not unusual that most women do stay in an abusive relationship. They can’t leave because they want to be with their children or that they can’t because they don’t have the money to leave. Most women who are in a relationship are dependent upon their husband for survival. They don’t have a job or that they don’t have enough money to live on their own. Luckily, there are shelters for battered women and you can even go on welfare if you need help financially.

You are not alone. If you don’t know about the places that can help you, it’s time to find them and get help. Its very difficult to put up with abuse but you own it to yourself to get out of it. Many times women find themselves in an abusive relationship and it’s inevitable too. You don’t know the person until you move in and live with them. People change over time due to finances and stress. People change all the time. Your man might not be the same person that you thought he was. What if he lost his job? What if you lost your job? He might change because of those factors. People change constantly and you have to look out for your own good.

What would shock me is that some women never think about leaving a bad relationship? I guess they can’t or that they just don’t know how to. I know that some women have financial issue and they can’t leave so they have to stay in an abusive relationship. Whatever your reason might be, you should always find a better life. I know that my mother was in a terrible relationship. She was abused daily. She had to stay with him because she can’t leave the children plus she is financially unstable. She can’t take care of herself. She loves the children and she has no where to go so she was stuck in an abusive relationship.

It has gotten better since I moved in to live with her but the abuse transferred to me. He couldn’t abuse her in front of me so he abuses me instead. I just thought that he was the most evil person I’ve ever known on this Earth. He abused all of us all of our lives. He abused us because he’s weak and he can’t do it out there in the world. When he comes home, he wants to be someone who’s powerful with control. He lacks morals and values. He’s not like a normal human being. My family suffered all of our lives over this one incompetent person. I called him incompetent because no competent father would abuse his wife and children for more than a decade. I realized a lot of people out there have the same problems. It has something to do with finances and personal responsibility. My father had none of those. He wasn’t responsible and he doesn’t care. Even though I would write articles telling women to leave abusive relationship but I know that it’s far from what they can do sometimes. It’s not easy to pack up your bags and leave your children behind in a hell home. It’s not easy to go and live in a shelter and don’t know where you will end up. If you can change your situation then you need to do it right away before you get hurt again.


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