Shopping Rules for Black Friday

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With the approaching Black Friday sales, some shopping etiquette would be a good thing to inject into the madness. People treat Black Friday like it is the only sale that will be around before the Christmas holiday. Certainly, Black Friday is a huge sale and should be taken advantage of, but it is not so important that we lose our manners. Here are some etiquette ideas to make Black Friday a bit more bearable for the upcoming holiday season.

Remember that a line is a line. I can not tell you how many times as a retail manager I observed grown men and women fight over who was first. Kindergarten taught us all to stand in line, and this is not a difficult concept. Black Friday is no exception, even if you might miss out on the latest Ipod. Get in line, and take your turn.

Please do not bang on the door before the store opens. This one is particularly frustrating for Black Friday merchants. They are attempting to get everything in place, and the store opens when the store opens. If you bang on the door, it will not work and it simply is bad manners.

Always say please and thank you. Black Friday is not a day to step all over one another. It does not mean to treat your fellow shoppers with disdain over a silly sale. Asking please and saying thank you is the most basic form of manners, and should be used especially on days like Black Friday.

Keep your greed in check. As you look at the shelf, and realize that there is only two GI Joes with the Kung Fu Grip, think of the child that will not get one before you scoop them both up just because they are on sale. Opportunity is not the only consideration during a Black Friday Sale. What about holiday spirit?

Leave the kids at home. Most people do leave the young children at home so that they can shop, but you would be amazed at how many young kids show up on Black Friday. Kids are wonderful, but they can tear a store apart in a minute in that type of atmosphere. Also, when you put so many people in so tight of a space, it is no longer safe for young children. Get a babysitter for Black Friday.

Use good parking manners. This is really quite simple, but often broken. Do not double park your car no matter how expensive it may be. Do not cut people off in the parking lot. If you do, expect and be sure that they will be the person behind you in line when you are buying your Black Friday merchandise. Talk about uncomfortable!

Most of these rules are just common sense but someone needed to say them. Enjoy Black Friday but this year, try to think of your fellow shoppers and clerks. It just might make Black Friday a wonderful experience after all!


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