Creative romantic gift ideas: creative boyfriend gifts: Love coupon

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From ooberayhay

In this article I am going to share with you another boyfriend gift idea, which you can always customize at your own creativity for your boyfriend or husband.

It is easy to do, short and sweet, and also a very reusable gift idea that can suit any or every occasion whenever you like it.

Creative romantic gift ideas: creative boyfriend gifts: Love coupon

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This is part of the birthday gift series that my girlfriend gave me to celebrate 22 years of my living in 2006.

At the end of the 22 birthday gifts, she had this coupon for me, and I was to redeem a hug from her.

It was handmade, printed out, and laminated just for my liking. (She had some tape over it, so even the lamination was homemade.)

Isn’t it sweet?

Creative love

You can always give a great love coupon to your boyfriend or husband.

Spice the coupon up with your picture, make fantastic design on it, and after that laminate it, so that your boyfriend or husband will remember your gift well.

Surprise him with a letter, slip the love coupon in his bag, put it somewhere he can see it, or use it part of a gift series, you have endless opportunities to use this gift for any kind of surprise, and for any occasion.

What’s more, it does not neccessary need to be a hug.

A deep kiss, make out, or anything kinky, it is your creative call.

I guess the best part is, it is an economical romantic gift.

And I just had an interesting thought.

You could put out a library of these love coupons for Valentine’s Day evening, and you could opt to be his love pet for that night, while he takes his time to choose what sort of coupons he should redeem on you.

Isn’t it interesting?

Final words for this article

Gifts do not need to be sophisticated to get the love across; it just needs your heart and simplicity.

It doesn’t matter whether you are rich or poor, sexy or not. The most important part is to give your heart out while giving a gift.

That’s all for this article. Stay tuned for more boyfriend gift ideas!

This article is slightly edited and taken from, where I share boyfriend gift ideas to loving girlfriends and wives.


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