How to control anger

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There is no denying the fact that anger can be or to be specific should be controlled. Most people feel relieved when those expressions come to the forefront. It is better to display this negative emotion as compared to keep it building till it explodes completely and they start behaving like hell. There is another side to it when this becomes a behavioral trait and the person on and off displays it. It not only harms the target but also the source. This is where the need arises to introspect and try to have a control on emotions.

It is basically a thought process that needs repairing. Whenever you feel things are not turning in your stride, relax, think and analyze. If you know that you are short tempered, reserve your reactions for some time. Don’t be in a hurry. Think, analyze, empathize, see what impact it would have on the target audience what you intent to speak and then say. Do not forget that your tone and the choice of correct words can help to convey your thoughts in more polite and prudent manner.

 Take a deep breath whenever you fell you are losing your cool.

 Have a chewing ready and crush it with all the anger. You will realize that soon your stressed nerves will settle down and the anger evaporates.

 Avoid people whom you know would arouse your anger. Avoidance strategy is the best when you cannot eliminate it completely.

 If the anger is result of some stress, try to distress yourself by way of yoga and exercises.

Play some music to create a soothing environment.

Indulge in some sports.

If you have a spiritual inclination, try to focus yourself in related activities.

Firm determination and change of mindset is the key.


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