Profound Love

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The corect definition of “Profound Love” according to the fundamental laws of love,has suddenly, for the first time become an intrest.Written theories,interpretations,and proclaimed analysis’ of those who feel entitled to give an opinion on such a topic have now become my latest readings.However,overly intrigued and curious, I first came to learn the first lesson on the subject. A topic of such depth and emotion can only be fully comprehended when the reluctance of the seekers heart is halted. A skeptic to the concept, I proceeded with inquiring with questions about the translations various people have for the meaning of “love”. After obtaining thoughts and indivitual perspectives, I concluded one fact, love holds not one meaning but hundreds.

Each relationship contains a view that may or may not be agreed upon by the other person in the courtship. Overwhelming and dramatic, all that i seeked and searched, I couldn’t help but to feel myself being grateful for all i had conditioned myself to abnegate.Not only that, I began to wonder if there was even anyway that i would truly beable to grasp what I had set out to find. Fortunatly for me there was him.He opened my eyes and allowed in all that i once refused, but just so happen to be investigating.That is only when did i start understanding all i had been looking for.Was it profound love though?I wasnt sure , but thats when i came to the conclusion of my study.

The correct definition of “profound love”,is really what a persondecides it to be.To me the meaningof love is when an emotion is so deep that it can not be put into words, or when the heart itself feels an anxiety that it causes loss of breathe,it’s a feeling so overwhelming that i can only describe it as simply intriguing.I reviwed, asked, i pondered many things in finding the world’s true meaning, and like i previously stated there is not just one meaning but hundreds. Mine came from him, he’s my profound love.


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