How I came to care for abused animals

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I come from an abusive home and most of my life I have seen many horrific things, I say I have lived many bad things.  But I have come out of it a survivor. I have met a wonderful man whom I’ll call Tod for this story. Tod who has been able to take care of me, and I thank him because now  I am able to have faith in mankind a bit more.  Tod always had his exquimo dog with him and this is also how I developed my inner strength and how I succeeded to get the energy to build up myself as a woman again.
It was a long process and I won’t tell you it was without hurt and tears but I finally made it.  Tod and I are still together even after 25 years, we are still very happy together.

And now I want to tell you our story of why and how we became the home of abused animals, mostly dogs, but I also have a horse who was abused 13 years ago.

I think the reason we take care of animals is not that hard to guess, my being battered as a child and being around hate and abuse is enough for me to hate human beings and I’ve been able to come to life again thanks to one human being and one animal, so I feel it is part of my destiny to take care of abused animals for as long as  I can afford to and am able to.  Then we will see what I am called to do next.

I’ll start with Tuco, my small white and Grey Fox Terrier.
He is now 4 years old and full of life and we love her so much, but I must admit that she still shows signs of being abused terribly. She was rescued from a hell hole with 1o9 others like her in May 2005.  Corpses everywhere. They were famished, eating one another, sometimes eating right at another one’ paw. It was terrible to watch the document.  You could see them piled up 6 in a cage and 2-3 under them, dead.  Their coats had grown so long that you could not difference their fronts from their backs.  No food, no water.  They were barking, howling, crying when the SPCA got there. I was crying when I was looking at the news, I just could not take in this scene because it was hurting me so much. So the next day after talking it out with my husband, now Tod. We decided to go to the SPCA and let them know that we were available as foster families if they had just too many dogs in their possession so we could help them out and keep one and feed it and yes we were prepared for  lay ahead. These dogs would never be normal if you know what I mean.  And no normal being will be able to take care of these dogs either.  So they gave us this beautiful little Foxie and away we went with our little treasure .  

Oh my God!  The next few days got to be so weird, really.
When we first got home, we put her down and all she did was walk around  in circles and she did this for like 3 hours or so, So I kept going from room to room to try to change her mind and calling her by her new name ”Tuco, come here”
Surprisingly, she would follow, but as soon as she would be an the room she would walk in circles again.  I thought that would be due to the lack of space from where she came.
Then she would drink, but  wouldn’t stop, That must have been from the lack of water form  you know where. So now she just kept on drinking and drinking some more like there was no tomorrow.
As for the eating habits, that was bad, she ate so fast, she choked on it so we simply watered it down a bit and so she kind of slowed down and after 1 week she calmed down for the food
But for the water I would say it took over 2 years for her to calm down before she relaxed on the water, she would wake up every night to drink and drink and drink.
But she doesn’t do that anymore, she’s a lot more secure about dehydration.
But she is still very scared of people coming to the house, so she is always hiding when anyone comes over,.
Unless it,s  someone she already knows like my mother, my in law’s,  she does get used to people eventually but it does take time.
But it’s my baby Foxie and I love her. I wouldn’t change her for all the gold in the world

Here is a link if you would like to read about the story in debth click here


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