How to Use Lotion

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Everyone needs to put on lotion to moisturize and have beautiful skin. However, not that many people know how to utilize lotion to the best of its ability. This article should help anyone on how to do this. Read on for more info on how to use lotion.

1. You will need to buy a bottle of lotion from either a local store or you could by a special lotion online (try Amazon or Ebay). You will need to pick the right kind of lotion for you. If you have dry skin, you should buy a lotion that is made to heal dry skin. Know your skin type so you can get the best lotion.

2. Now that you have your lotion, apply a small potion of it on your hands. Rub the lotion in your hands into you get a nice lather and apply it on your body. You should definitely apply it on portions of your skin where you are very dry (elbows, knees, knuckles).

3. You should apply lotion only when your body is clean. The best time to apply lotion is when you are done taking a bath or shower. This will help your skin stay moisturized and healthy.

4. You should soak the lotion all the way into your body before you put on your clothes. You don’t want damp spots on your jeans or shirts.

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