The Presient- Expectations

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The world is now looking at President Barrack Obama in awe and admiration! His moves, his speeches and his visits to the foreign countries making him look like the most dynamic world leader. In fact people are eager to know more about him He is now recognized as the world leader!

His election to power was nothing short of a miracle. The miracle occurred not just by the wave of a hand but by hard work, meticulous planning and   proper execution besides his tremendous confidence.  Thousands have been enrolled to work for him during elections.  Their adoration was spontaneous. They want him to win the election because they know that he can feel the pulse of the people.

People all over the world prayed for his success. The opinion poll in France said that only 1% of the French population wanted McCain to win.  That shows his popularity in the world. It was reported in Indian TV News Channels prayers were offered in temples for his success in election. People haven’t seen him nor heard of him before he stood for elections. He must be an extraordinary human being.

These things can’t be just dismissed as   mass hysteria.  The crowds he addressed in USA during elections were phenomenal.  His opponents directly attacked him taking even race as an issue. All attempts to defeat him ended in failure.  But people were waiting for him even late at nights in the freezing winter to hear him speak to them.

 Several people in Chicago gathered from different parts of the country to watch the election results telecast by the CNN. No President ever received this ovation anywhere in any country of the world. Obama is special.  The peoples all over the world want him to bring peace to the faction ridden world.

The world is a witness to his rise to power. This happened within the course of four years.  This shows that he is no ordinary President. The world expects him to do wonders! He is trying to keep his election promises. He is ready for talks with anybody even his adversaries. He is now gearing up to bring about his much ‘controversial’   Health Reforms. He is really trying to bring the change.

 He wants to live in peace and allow the rest of the people in the world to live in peace. This is the truth. This may be difficult. But if all the countries join hands, nothing is impossible and the world will live in peace, goodwill and prosperity.

He should make adequate plans to educate the fanatics in the world that each religion has no separate god. God is one and He is religion Himself. There is only one religion, the religion of love and there is only one God and He is Omnipresent.  There is a fundamental lack of understanding of religion.

The world wants him to be their leader. At the same time they want that they should be allowed to live in peace. In Anticipation that President Obama is the harbinger of Peace, the Swedish Academy has awarded him the Nobel Prize. The world wants him to work for peace.

 Obama has his own problems at home: health care reforms, crippling economy and several issues that need his personal attention. But the world looks at him with a difference and the peoples of all countries want Obama to rise to their expectations and that he would do his best to create an environment free from war.


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