President An Original Thinker!

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As a politician he may not be. Original thinkers are idealists; far from practicality. A President of a troubled nation like USA with wars around crippled economy, recession not coming back to normalcy; all these go to show that he should be practical in his approach.

He is the president of one of the most powerful democracies in the world. He can’t afford to be an original thinker and he has to seek advice of wise persons and judge from his own assessment of the situation.

He should consult, listen and act. Thinking is not very important. Taking ideas and acting is wisdom. Socrates was an original thinker. He was a philosopher not at the top of Greek Administration.

Obama said in his election speeches that he would listen to advice and it does not mean that he would act as per the advice. He would think. He thinks and how anyone can conclude that he is not an original thinker.

He is a man of tremendous self confidence. This comes because he has the courage and this comes from conviction. He is originally a thinker because he had a distinguished career as a lawyer.

Three years of his rich and varied experience as a senator, Member of the Veteran Affairs, made him a nominee for the Democratic Party. His speech during the Kerry’s Democratic Convention was well thought of. It must have been carefully planned and executed. He became at once the talk of Washington. From there he built up his image.

People started talking because he is non white.. He is one of the most far sighted politicians. What is original thinking? Even Mahatma Gandhi borrowed his idea from Thoreau’s Civil Disobedience! Thinking comes from study. Barack Obama is a thinker. The idea of contesting Presidential elections is confidence he could win.

He followed Abraham Lincoln to the extent that it was relevant to the occasion. But we live in a different age and he should act according to the need of the hour. People around the world have great expectations of him.

He wants to do away with wars. He said yesterday that all US troops would be back in USA by July 2011. He is not an evangelist. He is humble and respectful and that does not mean that has slavish habits. That shows his innate culture.

There are most cultured non whites like Martin Luther king, Colin Powell, Ms Condoleezza Rice and several others who are in different fields. Let us not be prejudiced because he is black.

One should not forget that thinkers are more philosophical than practical. Obama is a practical politician and if his election speeches are evasive and he was trying to duck because he wants votes. His speeches are meant to draw votes and that doesn’t mean that he is not a original thinker.


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