Where did Sixmile go? Who coulda moved it?

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Where did Sixmile go?

i grew up in Maryville, Tennessee. Way out in the county well about sixmiles of the city from the city limit sign to my area, not my house. Sixmile was my area.  We even have a church named Sixmile Baptist Church here in Maryville, Tennessee. The funny thing is Sixmile is not there anymore. Maybe it was me, I mean I moved out of Sixmile a number of years ago and moved to Maryville, Tennessee. Then I noticed one day some coworkers talking about good ole Sixmile, only they said “You leave Maryville, Tennessee and you go down 129 highway and turn left at that little market. You know the one where you check in deer.” I know just the market on the left at the funky four way intersection but in my mind that was not in Sixmile. It was close but it is also close to Four Mile and Nine Mile Creek, but that store is not in Sixmile. It took me a minute or maybe a week to figure out what had happened to my area. Sixmile had been moved. Just picked up and carried about five miles on down the road and dropped with its edge on 129 Highway. Who could have done this crime against history?

Maybe it was The City of Maryville, Tennessee? I don’t think they really care about Sixmile because they have me now in V. Unless.  they moved it so I could not find my way to go  back home again. You know I am definitely one of their most important citizens here in Maryville, Tennessee. I know this because the tax man knows me by name. I think it must be all the darn yankees who moved here to Maryville, Tennessee. You know they can not just leave things be. They probably found my old Sixmile right at the intersection of Montvale Road and Old Piney Road, there at Dude Coopers Store and all around it and complained about it. They would say “Well back up in New York we kept Sixmile eleven mile from the city limits of Maryville, Tennessee sign so lets move it.” Or “ In Michigan we never named some place by how far out of town it was so lets move Sixmile”. I do not like that the Yankees come here to Maryville, Tennessee then almost immediately want to tell us how good it was up north. Well instead of moving pur stuff around go back  up north. What do you mean you can not get a job or breathe clean air or what ever reason you moved down here for, just remember you left there to come here because here is better. Maryville, Tennessee. So think about it and let’s not try to make here like there was if you miss it go back there…..Puh-leeeeese! Cause we will not miss you here in Maryville, Tennessee.


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