Christmas Cheap Gift Giving Ideas and Tips

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Remember: It is the thought that counts, not the number of pennies you have to scrape just to buy a gift.

BAKING. Cookies, macaroons, delis, cakes, brownies – spare us the fruit cakes, though, there might still be some going around from three years ago. Nothing beats the aroma of home-baked goodies, it will definitely be appreciated. You could make it more personalized by adjusting the sweetness, the texture, the taste according to the recipient’s preference. You could also find a reusable container for it. It is a lot cheaper too, compared to ready made cookies you could buy on stores.

BOOKS. When you purchase a book, it’s usually about the content. The cover, the designs are just secondary in importance. You can find used books at half the price or classic ones with reasonable prices. It may take some time to find quality books but it will be worth it.

VIDEOS. I’m sure your Grand Dad or Dad has their favourite and treasured old movies, videos, or clips that were still in VHS that you could transfer to DVDs. It would move them to be able to watch those videos again, and at the same time you are introducing them to the modern technology.

SERVICES. The cheapest but could be the most sincere in my humble opinion. You could offer to take or do his/her laundry for a week, clean the house, walk the dog, do the dishes, any little task that the recipient might appreciate, probably something that he/she doesn’t really like doing and deserves to take a break from for at least a week or two.

SUBSCRIPTION. This could be a little pricey but thoughtful. I would should how much you know about the recipient’s interests. You could sign up for six months to one year subscription of magazines or newspapers that he/she likes but haven’t subscribed to.

Happy gift giving!


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