Myspace valentines photoshop background

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How to make a valentines day themed Myspace.

Things you will need:

Any kind of photoshop ( I am using Adobe photoshop cs2)

A Myspace With profile 1.0

A image site like photobucket

Step 1. Open Photoshop and make a new 800 by 600 document

Step 2. Go to edit fill and pick a light color like light pink or red. Or you may leave it white its up to you. Also if your using photoshop cs2 make sure the blending mood is set to normal. ( I am using color

code number #ffd6e6)


Step 3. Add a new layer by clicking on the create layers panel

Step 4. Getting ready to add hearts. Click on custom shape tool and then click on the color pallet set your forground color to the color you want for your hearts.

Step 5. With your custom shape tool bar open click on the 3rd square on your left that should be the fill pixel box. Then go over to your shape tool and pick out a heart.

Step 6. Draw the hears as many as you want. I recommend making each heart on a new layer

Step 7. Add any other shapes and make it how ever you want to make it.

Step 8. If you want words make a new layer and add them now. Or you could put any of the word on a graphic which we will be making in the next tutorial.


Step 9. Save your background as a jpeg file.

Step 10. Go to your image site and upload your background.

Step 11. Copy your direct link code

Step 12. Go to your myspace then go edit profile then edit themes

Step 13. Edit themes background and paste in your direct link code

Step 14. Go to repeat both

Step 15. Go to save and publish.

And now you just complated a myspace background in photoshop.


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