Keep Your Face and Skin Healthy in the Winter Chill

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Cold and dry winter air can really do a number on your delicate skin. While hands and feet get bundled up in mittens and woolies, your face is still exposed to all that harsh wind and snow. Here are some natural remedies to keep your skin soft and healthy, and minimize factors which will age your face prematurely.

1. Use a humidifier in your bedroom overnight, to add moisture to your skin’s indoor environment, which is usually dried out with heated furnace air.

2. Include 2 tablespoons of un-cooked, unsaturated oil in your daily diet to add natural oils back into your skin. Olive Oil mixed with balsamic vinegar makes a light healthy salad dressing, or pour some sunflower oil over rice or stir-fry after it is cooked. Oils flavoured with herbs can make a delicious dip for bread as an appetizer as well. Eating a teaspoon of raw oil in your diet daily should make a noticable difference in your skin within several weeks.

3. Pamper your face with natural facial masques periodically over the season. A variety of nourishing household foods can be used, including coconut oil, egg white, mayonnaise, oatmeal, yogurt, chamomile, and honey can be mixed and matched into relaxing mixtures and applied to the face for a half hour before bed in the evening, or enjoyed along with a warm bath to relax wrinkles and replenish moisture.

4. Massage your face gently each morning with palms and fingertips to stimulate circulation and strengthen muscles. This will help your flesh keep itself firm and rejuvenated.


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