Obama: The President With A Difference

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In the year 2008 something extraordinary happened, witnessed by the entire world: Presidential Elections in USA. Such a thing never happened anywhere in the world in the living memory. Mr. Barrack Obama was elected to the highest office.

When the results were being announced Barrack Obama was enjoying a basket ball game with his friends near his home in Chicago when several thousands watching the CNN channel telecasting the election results as they were streaming in.

Those moments were pulsating like a soccer thriller. Perhaps it is more than that. It is difficult to find a suitable simile. Thousands including dignitaries sitting patiently in the freezing cold after midnight waiting to see President -Elect, Barrack Obama to emerge out. It was again a great moment.

This is no politics of charisma. To speak the truth, it is Truth, Love and hope in action! They have no form, no colour and therefore no charisma. If there is something that is unexplainable and you call it charisma, may be the term given just for fancy.

The people admire this puzzle, an enigma or a phenomenon that rose to fame by dint of a super human effort, going to places late at nights to tell people why it was necessary to elect him. People felt the need for a change. He was very convincing in all his appearances including the debates with Sen. McCain

President Elect plunged into action the moment the people made their choice. Some might have been angry because the age-old traditional prejudices were shaken and new era began. I know an old lady a democrat after Mr. Barrack Obama was nominated as the Presidential Candidate told her son that she will not vote for non white.

But after hearing him she changed her mind and she did vote for him.  There must have been many like that. There is no charisma, no politics but truth, honesty and hope that won. Falsehood, Hypocrisy, hatred and greed were buried deep. A common man, a lawyer by profession, a senator with three years of experience ascended to incredible heights. He at once became the darling of the peoples of all countries.

The economy should become strong, jobs should come back, health should become the priority and something of a marvel is going to happen. His enemies are wealthy and strong. But they lack the support of the people and President Obama had this in abundant measure.

But he has to travel miles and miles, endless, perhaps never ending endeavour is necessary to bring home the promises he had made during elections. But he is hopeful, people are hopeful and many of them are being trained in camps to organize America, the great land of opportunities.

He has captured the imagination of his opponents, and it is time that should decide if Obama is playing the politics of his charismatic appeal or turning every stone to tap resources to make this country feel proud of his achievements.  We wait and hope and with hope we shall wait.


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