Cruise Ship Reviews Will Tell You All About The Relaxed Carnival Dream

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The Carnival Dream, Carnival Cruises’ largest cruise liner being all of 130,000-ton with 3,646-passenger capacity. This huge cruise ship cannot be faulted for having spent some time to improve and expand its facilities beyond what is traditional among cruise ships. Hence it is but fitting that cruise ship reviews should be focused on ships that strive and aim to innovate and be reputed for being one of the bests.        

Cruise Ship Reviews- Embarkation/Disembarkation

Guests who arrive early can expect to board smoothly and efficiently which is true in almost all cruise ships. Naturally, those who choose to arrive when the influx of boarding passengers is at its peak, will have longer waiting time in their lines. Nevertheless, the cruise ship earned several good cruise ship reviews from passengers who arrived during hours that had less traffic.     

The disembarkation it seems was even more efficiently done, in as much as there are passenger cruise ship reviews that were not too pleased when guests were roused on the last day due to an early arrival at the final destination port. Disembarkation procedures were carried out quickly and easily and without care if guests were still unprepared and haven’t had their breakfasts yet.  

Cruise Ship Reviews- Ships’ Layout and Design

As one passenger cruise ship review commented, the ship’s layout was commendably easy to navigate. Pools and Dining room areas were strategically located at Deck 10 where cruisers only had to come from one end of the ship and will find all the resources with ease. The ship’s understatement as less glitzy probably lessened the confusion on what directions to take allowing guests to reach their intended destinations inside the ship with ease.     

Even the LED lights flashing in the atrium was not too blinding enough to get an instant overall survey and appreciation of the ship’s welcome. The overall simplicity of the décor made guests give cruise ship reviews about the pleasantness of an instant atmosphere of rest and relaxation instead of being pulled-in into a frenzy mood.   

Cruise Ship Reviews- Entertainment and Amusement Facilities

The family-friendly impression was very evident with all of the 19,000 square feet of cruise ship space dedicated for providing kids of all ages fun activities to do and keep them entertained while at sea. Camp Carnival alone is about 5,000 square feet provided and divided for kids aged two to eleven and for older kids who had the mid-ship deck for karaoke and football as their main attractions.  

Not to be left out are the teenagers from 12-17 years old who had their own hangouts at Circle C. Of course the older teens had their own dance floor, DJ and soda bar and movie screening since the younger teens still have different ideas about cool fun. In fact, their stature gives them the privilege of having their own spa venue that offers treatments suitable for young people who are still about to become young adults.    

Carnival Dream is really bent on providing rest and relaxation as adults are provided with a Serenity area of plush lounges, wicker chairs, hammocks and sunshades protected by windscreen and served by a full bar, two whirlpools and easy accessibility to the spa area. For their viewing entertainment, adults can catch concerts and the latest blockbuster movies all throughout the cruise. For those who preferred something lively and upbeat, they can have the laser light shows with rock band music playing in the background. A nice touch, which most guest cruise ship reviews remember well are the warm blankets provided during screening hours.     

The Water Works is expectedly full of fun with 303-feet corkscrew slide and other assortment of chutes and towering slides. The same goes with the Ocean Plaza which is among cruise ships reviews’ favorite nominee as the best place to be inside the ship. The piazza like environment promised outdoor and indoor fun of al-fresco seating and whirlpools. Twenty-four hours coffee and ice cream shops, live entertainment at night, games during the day all geared toward entertainment and fun.    

Cruise Ship Reviews – Dining and Food Quality

Common to most cruise ships are the long queues of diners, who seem to find it a pleasure to arrive all at the same time before having their meals. Nevertheless, the food is never a negative issue because they all taste heavenly and can be partaken in abundance. Any cruise ship reviews you’ll read give all five stars and a plus sign for food. Overall cruise ship dining experience at Carnival Dream is about good food provided with good service.  

Cruise Ship Reviews-Staterooms

The manifestations of its continuous innovations are the new cabins with its “cove balconies” unaffecting the original 185 square feet by adding a 35-square-foot balcony. These are added verandas close to the waterline but protected by watertight Plexiglas doors. Sounds cozy and are said to be less expensive than the regular balconies, in fact one of the cruise ship reviews attested to its coziness by turning down an upgrade offer.

What warmed the guests to the cruise ship’s show of hospitality in providing accommodation aside from keeping the cabin rooms clean, well maintained and tidy, are bathrobes that guests can wear all throughout the cruise.

Cruise Ship Reviews- Overall Recommendations

Truly a ship worthy of its stature and reputation for being up to date and innovative since they never leave out ideas on how to make their guests feel comfortable with their little touches of warm blankets and bathrobes. Overall experience is both of full satisfaction for relaxation and entertainment.

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