There Are Numerous Cruise Ship Jobs As The Cruise Ship Industry Is Booming

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Despite the economic downtrend, the cruise ship industry is said to be experiencing a booming business.  Cruise ship jobs abound, because in 2009 alone, eleven new ships have become fully operational. The shipping industry posted 12.6 million departures from U.S. ports last year which is an indication of the vigorous trend of cruise ship activities that will provide additional cruise ship jobs for 2010. It is projected that about more than 14 million North Americans will be boarding cruise ships this coming year.      

A cruise ship is said to have in its employ about 500 at the least and 1,500 at the most in terms of crew staff and support groups. If the continuous boom in the shipping industry will be maintained, the major projections from cruise ship companies will result to additional 5 to 10 new luxury sea vessels that will ply the seas each year. At 5 new ships needing manpower at the very least figure of 500 per ship, that will be additional 2.500 new cruise ships jobs every year  to fill in.    

You might wonder why there’s a high rate of turnover in cruise ship jobs, lest you think that this is a negative factor. Actually, cruise ship workers themselves don’t really stay on because they take cruise ship jobs only during vacations or spring breaks. Some of the regulars get promoted while some others try to find variety by changing cruise ships or cruise lines. Others have amassed considerable savings and have returned home to begin a new life.

This is not far from happening because the average cruise ship job contract may last for three months at the least and nine months of the most. Most of your cruise ships earnings will not be spent since your living expenses are practically free while your medical insurance is at the expense of the cruise line company.  Not to mention the tips you can get from guests who will be happy with your services. Although this is not something you should expect from all the guests but just one of the amenities of a cruise ship job of attending to the passengers’ needs.    

Cruise ship jobs can be the most lucrative form of employment because of all the perks and benefits that come along with it. While on board you will be staying in a stateroom shared with another cruise staff while all your meals are free. If you find yourself docking at a distant land you can take a plane bound for home. Medical insurance is free and even your laundry services will be rendered free. As a cruise ship support group, you will be entitled to discounts at the ship’s stores and even in some of the bars, restaurants and shops on land. As if those benefits are not enough, your family and friends will be entitled to pay cruise rates at reduced prices when traveling aboard the company’s cruise ships.       

Another indication of how cruise ship business is getting a good boost from increasing cruise passengers are seventeen new ports of call in the US which include New York City, New Orleans, Baltimore, Mobile and Charleston. In fact, cruise ship jobs will expand their itineraries all across the globe.   

Curious now as to what kinds of cruise ship jobs await you? Work opportunities have a wide range of selection, from deckhand to ship officers. There are also manpower requirements for repairs and maintenance crew, tour guides, bartenders, food and beverage handlers, waiters, servers, gift shop personnel, recreation organizers, fitness directors, swimming pool lifeguards and so many more. You will surely find one that will fit your expertise or experience.  

The good thing about cruise ship job openings is that there is no strict requirement for cruise ship experience. You can have any service related work experience in hotels, restaurants, night clubs, bars, boutiques, libraries, retail stores, health clubs, museums and a long list where you will surely have one to indicate as your work experience.    

Find yourself a cruise ship job website which can help you prepare to land a cruise ship job. Get ideas on the kind of interview question to expect, document and licensing requirements where necessary, different travel tips and advice in informative materials. However, you may have to register as a member and pay a certain fee upon registration.

Nevertheless, you can always research the Internet for any information you’ll need or post questions at forum sites and ask opinions from others who have had experiences in cruise ship jobs.  

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