Cruise Patrol Silently Keep An Eye On Cruise Ship Travels

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A cruise is a great way to take the time off and enjoy the fruits of your hard work and enjoy a vacation. This is why some are dedicated to give reviews and insights on what a certain cruise is like. A cruise patrol helps provide feedback.  A cruise patrol can be anyone from those that have only ridden a cruise ship once or those that are seasoned cruise ship customers. Most of the time insights and comments are helpful for a person when choosing a cruise liner.

When looking for a cruise ship to book in, make sure that you consider the following if they are present in the cruise:

1. Fine dining – some cruise ships offer fine dining included in the package and some do not. Check what is included in the package you purchased in as much as additional fees may be imposed once you are already on board and cruising. Most cruise websites provide information as to what are included in the price you paid for. In fact, part of your booking process will already state the additional charges you have to pay so you can have an overall estimate on how much is expected from you.

2. 24 hour service – Some cruise ships have been monitored by the cruise patrol as lacking in this kind of service when in fact these were promotional come-ons for the passengers. A 24 hour service is a great feature in a cruise ship.  Most passengers practically spend their nights at entertainment centers and bars and sleep the whole day. To lack the 24-hour service will make the passengers feel short-changed because they can’t get the service they need when they need it most.  Some cruise patrol reviews even say that the cruise ships that they enjoyed the most are the ships where there’s a pizza parlor open for 24 hours.

3. Swimming pools – some cruise patrols have little problem in reviewing ships that have pools. The most popular ones have enormous pools and slides. Cruise patrols have received positive comments as the slides and pools are great since they give the guests the feel of a water park adventure while at sea. Problems about pool safety have never raised any issues as they provide excellent administrators like the lifeguards.

4. Shopping center – Other cruise patrol contributors suggested that shopping centers should also be developed in a cruise ship.  It provides a great way to get souvenirs and some memorabilia when you get home. It is also convenient for those who forgot to bring some important items like memory cards or camera. Getting one on board can prove to be very convenient.

5. Fitness center – of course after indulging on the buffet table in a cruise ship then you can easily burn off the fat in the fitness center. This is also a great place where you can get fitness tips you can use back home.

So, if finally you decide to go on a cruise ship, make sure that you provide feedback or be a cruise patrol yourself.  This way you can also share your insights and experiences.

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