Safe Driving at Night

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I had a paper route job for five years and that meant driving all hours of the night.  If I was ever sick, my wife would replace me and there were several tips I gave her when doing the route for me:

1)  I always made sure the lights were working well!  Even if I was sick, I would check the lights first.  Regular lights and high beams are crucial to night driving.  If you are on a dark strip with clear oncoming traffic, use your high beams.  Deer are everywhere, so it is important to keep your lights functioning so you can see them or any other possible accidents.

2)  Carry your cell phone!  Make sure your phone is fully charged and working properly, in case you get stranded!  Having the charger in the car may be an added safety precaution along with having your phone handy.

3) Lock the doors!  Stopping at a red light could be the last thing you ever do if your doors are not locked!  You want to make sure your doors are locked, no matter what neighborhood you’re in.  Every time I drive after dark, I assume the worst so I prepare the best.

4)  Be aware of your surroundings!  Any suspicious activity around me and I am aware of it.  I use my mirrors more after dark than during the day, because I want to know everything that is happening around me!

5)  Know where your nearest police stations are in case of being followed!  My wife called me one time during the paper route and said she was being followed.  I immediately told her to pull into the local police station and by that time, the car stopped following her when they saw where she was headed.  Call 911 first and let them know you are headed to the police station and to have an officer armed and waiting outside because you are being followed.  They won’t follow long!

Driving after dark should be avoided unless absolutely necessary.  However, if it has to be done, following these simple tips may prevent a tragedy!  My wife and I drove every day for five years and never had a problem except that one, which was quickly resolved.  That is part because God protected us and part because we used common sense.


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