Some Of The Things You Should Check For A Quality Cruise

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Taking a vacation in a cruise ship is a great idea. There are a lot of cruise options available for you nowadays.  Before, cruise ships and packages only were for tropical islands and tropical getaways. Nowadays, you can even have a cruise that takes you to Alaska for some quality skiing or whale watching.

What to look for in a quality cruise?

Good service – first and foremost you should get good service from your cruise ship package. Since you paid for your cruise you should also get your money’s worth. Good service not only comes from a polite staff but also the from good quality phones so you can easily contact the staff for assistance.

Good service should not be given based on the tips you can afford to give. Read from reviews and you will find some cruise lines whose cruise ships differ in qualities of services. If a cruise ship has an entire crew friendly, you’ll find reviews consistently commenting about them, regardless of the type of cabin the reviewing guest occupies. Don’t be surprised to find reviews for a single ship wherein comments about crew service differ if the reviewer is an Inside room occupant or if a balcony suite occupant. The former often complains of being treated rudely while the latter finds no fault with the crew service.

Quality rooms – even if you are on a low budget package that does not mean that you should get low quality rooms.  Still, the room should be kept clean and orderly.  The bed should be well made and does not have unpleasant odors.

Again if you will refer to reviews of past cruise ship travelers, it is on a happy note that this is one aspect generally appreciated in almost all of the cruise ships. In fact some cruise ships may have negative reviews about entertainment and crew service but the matter of cleanliness has always been their saving grace.

Good meals – most of the time, meals are included in your package. You should be getting food that is filling and will last you throughout the day.  Especially if there are a lot of activities lined up for you.

Next to cleanliness the quality and quality of food has always been appreciated in a cruise. The factor earns negative marks are the long lines during mealtime. This could not be blamed entirely on the ship’s management though, since passengers all arrive at the same time despite the availability of food at all times during the day.      

Fun Activities – this is another thing to look forward to in a cruise. Choose a cruise that has activities that suit your interest.  This way you will surely enjoy the activities and the ride on the ship itself.

You can always research the net about the kind of activities that the cruise has in store for you and your kids. They have primers and reviews and what previous passengers think about their featured entertainments on board and which age group it mostly caters to. There is a cruise that dedicates their entertainment for senior citizens and other types of discriminating individuals, hence, if you’re looking for family fun you shouldn’t be deciding on this type of cruise.  

Cruise Reviews

After a cruise, make sure that you provide feedback. You can do this by posting comments on the website of the liner you just spent your vacation in.  This way other potential customers can see your review. In the same way that it has been helpful to you, you will provide others with the same kind of help by giving unbiased reviews.

Reviews are very helpful as you can help them decide if they are to take the cruise you just took or opt for a totally different cruise ship. Just make sure that your comments are related to the cruise and those that you feel could be helpful to the reader.  Do not comment about things like long departure times or the likes.  This is really not relevant to the overall quality of the cruise.

Things like responsive service or inadequate safety measures should be taken into account. This way, people will know what it is like aboard the cruise.  Supporting photos or videos are also welcome in some sites. Reviews are also used by cruise managements to improve on their services. Your feedback may not seem important to you, but since it is suggested that you base your decisions also by reading cruise reviews, you will find that the whole collective lot of reviews are useful.  

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