Cotton House Beach Vacation Is A Popular Getaway for the Rich and Famous

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A Cotton House Beach Vacation means you’ll be heading for Mustique, which is a privately owned island, peacefully isolated and perfect for a vacation getaway. There are no direct flights going to the island but you can board a flight to Barbados, where a chartered plane will bring you to your Cotton House Beach vacation in Mustique Island, Grenadines.   

Mustique is an island of unspoiled treasures, often a choice of celebrities, famous personalities or even European royalties mainly because of its main characteristic of being distantly secluded from the rest of the Caribbean travelers. So if you can afford to save up for a Cotton House Beach Vacation, chances are you will be rubbing shoulders with famous personalities because the Cotton House Resort is the only full-service hotel in Mustique Island.

Mustique offers this luxurious Cotton House Beach vacation with much pride since the beaches and coves in this part of the Caribbean are well protected. Guests are truly exhilarated in communing with nature by sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving or by motorboat excursions for their water activities. Horseback riding or engaging in some tennis matches are other options you can consider.

Although the Cotton House Beach Resort can also offer your other resort amenities and swimming pools if beach life is too harsh for you. While on a Cotton House Beach vacation, you can have the pleasure of simply relaxing on a large veranda that overlooks the Lily Pond. You can lounge in the area for your pre-dinner cocktails, or have your cigar and after dinner drinks here after a hearty meal.             

Cotton House during the old colonial days of Grenadine was originally an 18th century warehouse for corals and was also a sugar mill on the side. It was only in 2004 that the building went through a thorough makeover of full scale expansion and renovation into becoming the Cotton House Beach for vacations. It soon became famous as one of the most luxurious hotels by being in a very exclusive private island, far from the prying eyes of paparazzi that stalk celebrities and movie stars.       

Today, after several more expansions to meet the needs of more visitors who plan on a Cotton House Beach vacation, the Cotton Beach Resort now has 17 distinct types of accommodations, most of which have their own private pools and are set apart in hillsides and the hotel’s sea front estate. A Cotton House Beach Vacation has all the trimmings and trappings of luxury and good life privately enjoyed and afforded by the rich and famous.

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