Safety Tips for Long Distance Driving

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When I asked for my wife’s hand in marriage, I had to ask her father face to face and her father lives in Mexico.  Therefore, I chose to drive thirty hours to meet with him and my reward was that he gave me permission to marry his daughter.  I learned some things about driving safety on that long trip that I will shed some light on!

1)  Eat light, healthy meals!  I took a big bag of grapes with me on that trip and that helped occupy me on that long drive!  Sugar and salt were ruled out as options, as they would only make me tired.  Heavy meals would also not be a good idea as I would be weighed down for very long stretches.

2)  Bring a blanket!  Thank God, I didn’t have to use mine, but if you get stranded somewhere, it is good to have a blanket in case it is cold and you have to wait a significant amount of time for help.

3)  No cruise control!  Taking my foot off of the gas allows me a little more comfort and thus, more of a chance to go to sleep.  I didn’t use cruise on that trip, nor will I ever on a long trip.  My foot was on the pedal non-stop, and sometimes even fluctuating speeds to keep my interest.

4)  Prepare to have people call you at certain times!  I talked to my fiancee many times on that trip, because she told me she would call me to make sure I was awake.  There were some points when she called, that I was in a bad area for reception and as soon as I got out, I would call her and talk for a while.  I told her on purpose, when talking to me, to use a loud voice so that I would not fall asleep to her sweet voice.  The ideal thing to use is a earpiece so you are not putting yourself in more danger by using a handset.

5)  Stop and sleep!  I made the mistake of not stopping all the way down and when I arrived at my destination city, I literally passed out on the floor of the hotel room.  Needless to say, I did stop on the way back every ten hours.  I won’t be adamant about how much time to drive and sleep, but when I travel from Chicago to Baltimore, which is twelve hours, I stop halfway.  Spending a little extra money is better than death.

Long distance traveling is something many people do by car to save money, but it can be dangerous if some steps are not taken to ensure safety.


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