Here Are Some Tips To Find Cheap Cruises

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There are several ways to find cheap cruises aside from checking out all travel websites and their different offers. Although comparing prices is the initial step it would be best if you compared the following discount deals in order to get the best cheap cruises available:

Below are some of the ways you can get cheap cruises through the promotional offers commonly offered by cruise travel liners:  

1. Cheap Cruises for Two for the Price of One

For a limited period of time and for a limited number of berths, you can get cheap cruises by booking two cruise ships from a selection of scheduled cruises just for the price of one. Destinations such as Alaska and Europe are now being offered for the price of one up to April 30, 2010. The passenger is guaranteed of price protection, which means his booked tour will not be affected by any future changes. The stateroom of their choice will be locked-in once they book to make sure they get what they booked for.      

2. Cheap Cruises at Fifty Percent Off on Second Passenger

Cheap Cruises are being offered by cruise liners by offering the second passenger a 50% slash down on the price of the cruise. So if you’re a pair of honeymooning couple or just a pair of couple looking for a vacation getaway, look for cheap cruises offered  as “2nd passenger 50% off” before the ship sets sail on the departure date. Book early so you can get a good rate for the first passenger.  

3. Back to Back Cruise Discounts

If you are a passenger of a one-way trip cruise ship and you’ll be going back to your point of origin by boarding the same ship, get a considerable amount of discount for the second sailing. There will be cases that you will be staying at your point of destination for more than a week or a month or even of longer, which will allow you cheap cruises by boarding the same ship when you get home to your point of origin.

This way you can enjoy visiting your relatives and friend especially if you’re in no hurry to get back home at the same time save enjoy another trip by ocean fare. Most of these cheap cruises are offered for Florida Ports and for Caribbean cruises. Some cruise ships also include their Mexican Riviera, Alaska, Canada and Hawaii cruise destinations.            

Check out the website’s cruise calendar so you will know which sea vessels are offering these cheap cruises by looking up their travel date and alternative cruise travels. Once satisfied, find booking specialist to help you book the two travels at the best discounts and rewards possible.    

4. Early Booking Discounts

To get some good deals on cheap cruises all you need to do is to book as early as 6 months in advance for a great deal of savings. Check the Cruise Travel Calendars and find out which cruise travels are entitled to early booking deals. Some cheap cruises are given price-offs for as much as $500 per package.         

5. Last Minute Booking Deals

Cruise ships that are about to sail in three week’s time put up their remaining berths at “Late Booking Deals” which you can avail even up to the last three hours before departure.

6. Kids Sail Free

These cheap cruises are often offered for off- season sailings but up to two kids can sail with their parents for free. Destinations are usually for Caribbean and Bahamas cruises by cruise liners like Costa Cruises and Disney Cruise Lines. The Regent Seven Seas Cruises allow two kids 17 and below to stay in their parents cabin without paying extra for cruises to Alaska, Mediterranean and Northern Europe cruises.  

7. Group Discounts

Be a group leader by organizing cruise travels for groups. The more groups you can book for at least 5 staterooms for each group, the more discounts and amenities you will be entitled to. In fact you will earn a free cruise yourself. So the more groups you can book to set sail for a cruise, the more number of free cruises you will earn then you can also bring your family along.

In cheap cruises offered to group travelers, if one of the groups will book 8 cabins, the group will be entitled to one berth or bed free. This will allow adding another member who’ll pay for fares and meals only. Double the number of cabins booked to 16 and you’ll get another free bed or berth and if you can arrange it right you can use this to accommodate a member of another group in case no one else needs it.

Gather up your friends as one group, your family as another group, or some club or association you belong to as another, each cabin is for double occupancy. You can convince everyone to board a cruise for the same destination, so you can also consolidate your number of free cruises. Coordinate with a booking specialist to get the best deals for your customers and for yourself as well, because there are other amenities offered.        

There are other ways to get cheap cruises, by taking advantage of the promotional offers for great discounts. Check them out by visiting cruise travel websites and compare the best deals and the best cruise ships.

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