Making your own Christmas diorama

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There are many ways you can be creative in your decorations for Christmas. One method is to have a diorama.  A beautifully designed diorama can add positive flavors to the other decorations you already have in your home which may include your Christmas tree.

To make a Christmas diorama, you need to choose a theme for it. Having a theme makes it easier for you to plan for your diorama. Among the common themes for Christmas you may choose from are a Nativity scene, an outdoor snow scene and Santa and his reindeers scene.  To make it simple, I have chosen to show you how to create the outdoor snow scene diorama.

To make a Christmas outdoor snow scene diorama, you need to first picture what can be found in such scene. A house, a tree, and a snowman may come to your mind. In addition to that there must be some snow on the roof of the house, the tree, and the ground. Once you know what you need to include in your diorama, you can start collecting the materials to make it. For the base, we shall use a thick A4 or letter size cardboard. For the house we shall use a small cardboard box; some cardboard, and color papers of red, yellow, and brown. Instead of ordinary color papers for the wall, you may want to print out a photo of a wooden house which is already in the public domain and use its wall instead.  You may also use an image of a wooden house from an old Christmas card or an old magazine. For the tree, you may use an image of a Christmas tree from an old Christmas card. In addition, to the Christmas tree, you may want to have a larger corn-shape Christmas tree that can wrap around with some tinsels. For the snowman, use a small one you can get from the shop that sells Christmas decorations. For the snow, get some cotton, It is also good to have some tinsel for your diorama. Optionally, you may want to add some colorful battery-powered LED lights to your diorama and a flashlight bulb to the corn-shape tree.

Once, you have all the materials needed, you can start working on your diorama. Let’s start with the Christmas tree. The first thing to do is to cut out the image of the Christmas tree from your old Christmas card or magazine. The second thing to do is to paste the Christmas tree to a thick cardboard and cut it out aloing its outline leavng some space at its bottom to be used as the base. Place the snowman

Now it’s time for the house.To make the house, wrap the small box with the brown paper. Cut out two small squares from the yellow paper and paste each of it on each top corner of the front wall of the house. To make the door, cut a small rectangle and paste it in the center of the front wall. For the roof, cut out, according to size, from the cardboard and shape it into a roof. Cover the roof with the red color paper. You may want to add some LED lights of different colors before attaching the roof.

The next item is the cone-shape Christmas tree. Fold an A4 size paper into half horizontally and shape it into a cone. Wrap a tinsel around it. You may also place an electric bulb used in flashlights in the cone-shape tree to light it up.

Once you have made the essential parts, it’s time to put everything together. Paste the house onto the center of the cardboard base. Paste the tree on the left or right of the house and secure it with cellophane tape. Place the snowman anywhere in front of the house but not exactly in front of the door. You have completed the initial parts of your diorama. Put the cone-shape tree near the left hand top corner of the diorama. Secure it with cellophane tape.

To make it look like a winter scene. spread and paste some cotton onto the ground which is the cardboard base. Place a little cotton on the carboard tree. Turn on the lights if you have added some LED color lights to your diorama. Now, you have beautiful Christmas diorama you can enjoy looking at and showing to anyone who visits you during the Christmas season.


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