How to maintain the nutritional level of fruits and vegetables

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The nutritional value goes down to which method of cooking we use as different vitamins are lost from food due to longer exposure with light, air, temperature and water. It is also necessary to consume fruits and veggies raw and in fresh form. It is advised not to store fresh food items for long as it will only lower their nutrition level.

Some of the tips are:

  •  Do not soak fruit and vegetables in water for long. The vitamins are soluble in water and would lose its naturalness by dissolving in water. Hence do not soak them for a longer time.

  • Whenever you boil vegetables, do not throw that water. Use it to knead flour, for preparing soup, cooking further or gravy. Do not throw that water.

  • Do not peel the vegetables and fruits. The skin under contains too many vital nutrients which get lost when separated from the fruit. Cook the vegetables with the skin on as far as possible. There are some peels of vegetables which can be cooked separately just like preparing any other vegetables and they taste yummy.

  • Do not overcook vegetables.

  • Steam them instead of deep fry or boiling, especially leafy vegetables.

  • Do not cut vegetables and fruits into small pieces. This increases the surface area that will come in contact with air, light and temperature and destroy the vital nutrients.

  • Do not store the fruits and vegetables for long. If at all you want to, store them by wrapping with newspaper or in an airtight bag. Keep these in a refrigerator.

  • Try to consume the fruit as a whole rather than juices. The fruit when crushed to extract juices loses the fiber which is good for digestion. This will surely help to buid a healthy body.


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