Ready to Go… Little Extras For Dinner Guests

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Serving dinner isn’t quite enough… at least in my opinion. I like to have little gifts to send home with my guests. Here are some of the items that I came up with.

1. I have the most gorgeous “string of pearls” plant and it is so easy to take cuttings and start new little plants to send home with each guest. Takes me a couple of minutes to start a new plant and I haven’t had a disappointed guest yet.

2. Here is an easy one. A Christmas or an Easter ornament sitting on each plate is always welcome and you can choose the price level you are comfortable with.

3. Picture frame… can anyone have too many picture frames??

4. A little box of chocolates… who could say no to chocolate??

5. A chocolate covered spoon… one to use and one to take home.

6. One flower and a spray of baby breath, wrapped in plastic wrap and a watering vial.

7. Potpourri in tuille… you can buy a large bag of your favorite potpourri and make miniature pomanders.  This can look especially effective nestled in a wine glass.

8. Dinner music that was playing… Ask around to see if one of your friends knows of a struggling musician who needs a little help. Play their music during dinner and then surprise your guest with a copy of their CD to take home.

9. Here is an idea that my soon to be daughter-in-law came up with. She set baby pictures of my son on disc set to music for family members on his 30th birthday. Lets just say that WE loved it.

10. Personalized dessert to take home. Guys would love the idea!


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