Why the narcissist loves mind games?

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Why the narcissist loves mind games?

                The narcissist central focus is control. The narcissist is interested in controlling emotions and fostering a sense of attachment to his victims even when he is no longer physically a part of their lives.  Mind games are essentially utilized to torture the victim and to take over the mental processes of the victim. This negation of thoughts and cogitation is fostered by keeping the victim attached to the narcissistic ex partner through inferences, drafting and keeping the victim connected to the situation that she desperately needs to overcome.  Some on line pathological individuals utilized mind games as a means of keeping tabs on their victims; it allows the egoist to remain in his ex partner’s life as a newly found mate. He is able to associate with her on a different level yet using the same tactics as being the ideal partner.  The newly found ideal partner prompts a form of trust in the victim by pretending to be a friend or a prospective partner.

               A fragile and vulnerable victim will be lured into trusting this new, unsuspecting net mate with a similar character identical to the source of her heartache and emotional distress.  The victim (if she is has not gotten over the narcissist) will be drawn to the new yet familiar relationship with the on line friend. A frail victim will be drawn into the possibility that the object of her affection has returned in the form of fraud. The sociopath is allowed to continue his games, preying and devouring a weak, non militant and brittle woman. A game that will ultimately result in the disintegration of an already degenerated soul.

                  But pathology is predictable and an individual who is very acute to the personality traits of a narcissistic partner will be able to detect similar or even identical personality traits in a new online mate.  But few victims are equipped emotionally and psychologically to effectively resist the charm of the narcissist be it an ex partner or an extension (one of his friends or avatars). Few victims are emotionally sturdy to preclude falling in the same death trap of narcissism a second time around.  The victim often discovers that she was played if she decides to meet her new online friend or when the narcissist tires of the façade he is engineering and decides to let the victim know that she is communicating with someone closer to home that she had presumed.

                   A typical mind game is the one that online cyber paths especially former online narcissistic partners play on their ex lovers.  The games include stalking, cajoling, deceiving the victim and playing gambits in order to re-engage the victim. The narcissist reconnection with the victim is solely to provoke continued psychological and emotional occupation and annihilation.  These games may range from the ex lover soliciting the assistance of friends and affiliates to aid in re- traumatizing the victim (abuse by proxy). The friend will approach the victim as a genuine individual seeking online friendship. If this friend is suffering from any form of pathology, rest assures that he will not hesitate to play out his pathology on the victim. Birds of a feather flock together.

               Some narcissist plan along with other psychologically disturbed companions to further obliterate a victim’s sense of self through grand scheme where the victim is baited to meet her online friend. The victim may leave to meet her new online friend at a particular location, only to be stood up. Some victims are not fortunate to be subjected to a mere bruise on the ego. Others are raped, ganged raped and murdered. Other forms of mind games include the narcissist contriving a new profile on social dating networks and reconnecting with the victim as a means of getting to continue the abuse through a novel falsified personality.

                If you suspect that a friend on line is playing games with you and your new on line love interest personality is a carbon copy of a less noble individual you knew before.  It is advisable that you end contact with this individual. If you decide to maintain association be sure that it is from a state of control and cognition and not vulnerability or inkling desire corroborate if your narcissist has returned to you. You may think that he loves you. You may even rationalize that the narcissist is back but he is afraid to confront you personally and is using the avatar as a means of bridging the relationship. If the narcissist discovers that you are weak for him, he will pounce on you again. Make no mistake that this time around he will not be less vicious than he was the first time. 

                 Additionally, why would you want to continue a relationship with someone who is afraid to be themselves? Evidently that person is aware that there is something wrong with his personality and therefore has to synthesize a faux persona to associate with you.  Do not become a player in the narcissist thespian.  Do not give him the power to exploit you and claim a level of intellectual superiority which they often do not possess.  Narcissists are clever fools. If you pry deep enough, you will discover that there genius is only surface based.  Do not allow the narcissist to exploit you and play games with your mind.  Do not permit someone to have dominion over your thoughts and your private moments. They are yours; seize them now before it is too later. Get your control back but before you lose not just only a love interest but your sanity, pride and may be your life.


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