How to Make e-Book’s from Articles

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EBooks are a great way to market yourself and your writing and increase your earnings online. Even free eBooks can be used to generate a strong presence online. If you have several articles about one topic you should write an eBook to help market yourself as a serious writer. Below are the steps to create your eBook out of articles you have already created and are making money on.


Things You’ll Need:

  • Several articles from the same topic area


Step 1

Start by opening up your word processing program and pasting all your articles into one document. Make sure the order you paste them in will make since when someone reads them.

Step 2

Next you will need to make sure all the articles flow together. To do this simply read each article and remove any information that may be duplicated because each article was separate and needed the additional information to make since, now it will not be necessary for the information to be duplicated since it will all be in one eBook. You will also need to add content to help each of your articles flow from one article to the next without the reader noticing they were two separate articles in the beginning.

Step 3

Page Set up:

When you create you eBook you should leave margins on each side of the page of at least one inch. This makes your eBook visually more appealing to the reader and ultimately easier to read.

Step 4

Font Style:

Use a font that is a size 12 or larger for the body text of your eBook. This will make reading your eBook easier for readers that may have vision problems.

Make your titles and subtitles larger than your body test and in bold to help them stand out to your readers.

Use verdana as the font style for your eBook since it has a cleaner look and again will be easier for your eBook readers to read. You may want to use a different text style for your titles and subtitles to draw more attention to them also.

Step 5

You should make sure you have several pictures scattered throughout your eBook. You can also use illustrations but make sure they are good quality images. If you use an image that other people can easily find or get for free such as from clip art they will view your eBook as cheap and less creditable.

Step 6

Once you have the content of your eBook completed you need to make a cover for your eBook. Since you are marketing this as a book you should make the cover look like a book with some eye catching font and graphics. The first impression of your eBook is very important.

Step 7

Now you will need to add your book details, this will be the first few pages of your eBook.

The first page should be labeled II

This page is for the reviews of others that have read and used your eBook. If you are creating a new eBook you may have to ask a few friends to read your material and give you an honest review for this page.

The second page should read III

This page is for publisher and copyright information. Any book that has been published will usually have this detail proudly displayed in the front of the book.

The third page should read IV

This page should include any acknowledgements that you would like to mention in your book. This is a great way to recognize people that helped you create the book, learn life lessons that you included in the book, or just a special friend.

The fourth page should read V

This page will need to list any special instructions for the book. If they have to sign up for a service, if they need to use other material, or if this is a second book in a series you should list that information on this page.

The fifth page should read VI

This is the introduction to the book. This can be written by you or someone else that has knowledge about the information in the book and had read your book. This will give the reader a deeper insight into what the book is about.

Step 8

Once you have the book completed you should convert the file to PDF, this will give you added security from people making changes or stealing your information. There are other software programs available to give you more security for eBooks. You will usually have to pay a fee to have the file converted but it may be well worth it for you. After you convert the book you will need to review it to make sure any links listed in the eBook are still clickable and will take the reader to the intended internet page.

Step 9

Your eBook is now complete and can be sold on the internet or if it’s large enough can be bound into a book and sold as a hard back copy.


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