Get Paid to Play Online Games

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* There are many ways to earn money online.One of the most easiest and famous way is to earn money just by playing games

*There are different kinds of ways that you can make money by playing games.Few of them are given below.

* Earning money by playing skill games

*Earning money by playing games using cashback sites

*Earning money by testing new video games

* To earn money by playing skill games, First we have to find the sites which offer this facility.This is not so hard, because there are lot of trustable sites available for online skill games like worldwinner.After joining the the site we have to deposit some amount of money like 20$, so that we can play against other members. There are different kind of games availble. choose the one that you like. play against other members,If you win you can withdraw and enjoy.

*To earn money by playing games using cashback site, just join in good cashback site which offers cash for the joining the game site that you like most(like worldwinner). Then join the game site using the cashback site. they will pay you to join the game site from their site. Then take the money that they offer to you to earn money in skill game sites.

*To earn money by testing new video games, Find the legit site that offers this facility,because there are lot of scammers out there.Then just test the new video game that offered to you and comment about it. In this way you can earn lot of money.But finding the good site is the key.

*Some legit skill game site are given below





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