Winter is Just Around The Corner Now is The Time to Keep Your Engine Performing at It Best

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With these slow times financially everyone needs to make the most of their investment and your personal vehicle is one of the largest investments you will ever make.

Transmission maintenance is one area people forget as well as engine maintenance. Keep a log on your computer, phone or with sticky notes in car. Most people won’t maintain the belts and fuses on their engine properly. Anti-freeze and oil changes, changing the air filter, these are all things that make huge difference. Keeping track of what you are doing for your engine helps you keep on top of maintaining your vehicle.

By following the instruction in the user’s guide provided by the car manufacturers this way drivers can make sure they are doing everything they need to keep their vehicles in top shape.

Using the right motor oil is another key to maintaining an engine.

Oil is like life blood of the engine. It is not only use for lubrication. It cools engine parts, dampens valves spring, cool piston and it serves many purposes. As example have you ever put a glove on when you’re hitting a baseball to take the shock away? Oil does that to valve springs.

Using a high quality fuel can pay big dividends for a vehicle engine.

In particular using a gasoline that contains a cleaning system to help remove gunk build up on critical engine parts, such as Shell Nitrogen Enriched gasoline or equal can big a big difference. The patent Nitrogen Enriched Cleaning System or equal has an active cleaning molecule engineered to seek and destroy performance robbing carbon deposits more commonly known as gunk that can be left by lower quality gasolines. Having gunk build up on critical engine parts, specifically intake valves and fuel injectors can cause the inefficient mixing of air and fuel necessary for proper combustion. This can rob your engine of performance.

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