Great Indoor Lighting Options!

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All Mission Lighting pieces are unique and dignified and fit all traditional home decors. Simple and geometric shapes represent mission style lighting where the glass shade is stained in a beige or natural color to give off as much light as possible. Made from diamond or geometric squares, as well as flower patterns that can be put onto the glass and the borders of the glass shades have accents of amber and jade.

The Chandelier with an open top design allows the light to come from the ceiling and reflect onto the ground, creating a warm ambience and includes a wooden frame, a glass box and a ceiling board. It has a minimum hanging height of 9” from the ceiling to the end of the glass casing, and the chandelier either comes with four brass chains or four steel rods that have loops on them.

The rustic looking glass in the Mission Lighting style comes in a cream or white color, and the cream colored one gives off an amber light. The lighting is dim but very pleasant in any home. The wood is hand cut and sanded, and can be stained into a cherry, a brown, a golden or a black color.

Mission Table Lamps are urban looking and inspired from the American Arts and Crafts movement who made things by hand to look timeless and give great warmth to any setting. There are some Mission table lamps that are available including the original oil and water version. The glass on the table lamp shades comes in the standard cream and white as well as green, orange and blue to add a dab of color through the shade. The lighting is dim and romantic to fit the overlay design and work of art. The handmade stem of the lamp is very sophisticated and adds a nice finish to the overall look of the table lamp.

Mission Pendant Chandeliers add character to set the mood for your guests, while giving that warm rustic look you have created with all your other furniture. Each piece is distinguished and stands out. The glass shades are usually 6”tall and the ceiling board hangs down from the ceiling about 10” to the bottom of the shade. This chandelier requires 60 watt bulbs for each of its six shades.

The Mission Wall Sconce is easy to hang and fix to the wall with the hardware required for the attachments that comes with it. This lovely sconce adds charm to any room with its hand blown glass lamp shade. The sconce wood frame is elegantly made by hand and can be stained to match any setting in your home.

The arts and crafts Mission Lantern is carefully made and looks very dignified in any room. Its wood frame has a glass box with a ceiling board. It has an adjustable height with a minimum hanging length of 16” either from brass or steel from the ceiling to the bottom of the glass box. The top of the lantern allows light to reflect into the room from the ceiling through the glass which can be cream colored, white or green.


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