Store Mannequins 2011

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Outfits on a mannequin look fresh and customers can have a visual idea of what the outfits would look like on. Every retailer should really concentrate on the mannequins in their store and the clothes they are wearing.

The front window display is one of the most crucial locations where you should place your mannequins, so that those who pass in front of your store will get a first impression of the type of store you have. The window display should exhibit the best items sold through your store.  Always use the window display to promote exciting and fun items while concentrating on the season.  For example back to school items, summer clothing and swimsuits, fall winter and spring displays should all match the season.

The theme of the display is very effective in drawing a crowd to your store and make sure your mannequins introduce trends and the latest fashions in the market. Use mannequins together to create uniformity and creativity; topics that are “eye catching”.

The use of music, lighting effects and fans are all great tools to consider when putting female mannequins and male mannequins on display. Mannequin hangers throughout the store are great at creating a “want-to-buy” emotion.

“Visualization” is very important in retail and mannequins that look smart and special will evoke a feeling and motivation in the potential customer to try the clothes on and purchase them. Hats, wigs, beads and sunglasses, and all types of accessories will make your mannequins look real and unique. Infant and child mannequins are great when displaying children’s clothes and shoes.

Freestanding mannequin hangers, leg forms, dress forms, shoe forms, accessory enclosures and cabinets, underwear and pant forms can display all your items as a single unit and make them stand out.

Mannequins will encourage customers to buy more than they had planned originally, since they can see the finished product as if it was worn by them before they try it on.

Make sure you are constantly changing the mannequin clothes and location of your mannequins; by doing so you will give your store a new look every time.  The buyer will also be able to see what they can match with clothes they already have when they are shown items that go well together and are displayed in front of them.

Items such as jewelry, purses, watches, sunglasses, hats, scarves and belts should be close to each outfit and even placed on the mannequins for display and versatility, and in turn the combination of the mannequins, the salesmanship and the uniqueness of the items presentation is what will boost your sales.


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