Celebrate Hot Tea Month

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January is National Hot Tea Month. Being that I am in Michigan, where the thirty-one days in January tend to be the coldest thirty-one days of the year, I can’t think of a month that’s better suited to Hot Tea Month. In January, I tend to like to hibernate and enjoy hot foods and beverages. Hot Tea Month provides a great excuse for doing just that.

I drink a lot of hot tea. I think I enjoy it more than iced tea. There is something so soothing about hot tea. It turns out I am doing something great for my health whenever I drink hot tea. Tea is full of antioxidants and is reported to be a good beverage for people who are overweight to consume. According to an article on the website Teas, Etc., hot tea can also help prevent the common cold and the flu. Who knew staying healthy during the peak season for these viral infections could be as simple as brewing a cup of tea?

This month, try as many different kinds of tea as you can. Black, green, white, oolong, puerh, lapsang souchong are some of the teas out there for you to consume. You could even try different varieties of black or green tea, like Darjeeling, Assam, Ceylon, or Genmaicha and see if you can taste the difference. This month could be the perfect opportunity for you to become a tea connoisseur. Try your teas straight, or flavor them with lemon, honey, vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, mint, or even crushed dried edible flowers. Indulge in tea accessories, like teapots, infusers and filter bags so you can make the finest quality tea.

There are a number of things you can do to celebrate Hot Tea Month. And since tea is so beneficial for your health, you can feel good about going on a little tea exploration this month.


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