Carnival Cruise Lines Provides Excellent Family Vacation All Through The Year

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It is said there are about 60 cruise lines and more than 300 cruise ships plying the seas for vacation cruises. From this great numbers how will one choose the travel cruise that could give them their money’s worth? What better way than to settle on the most popular of them all and that would be Carnival Cruise Lines which has more than thirty-seven years of experience in the industry to back it up?  The problem will end here because even if Carnival Cruise Lines has a wide range of cruise tours to choose from they are all geared at providing wholesome family entertainment.

Choose Carnival Cruise Lines for Family Vacations
The best loved feature about Carnival Cruise lines are their dedication to providing wholesome family fun and entertainment. Some cruise liners allow children on board but not in the same way that Carnival Cruise lines provide for the children who board their ships. In fact Carnival Cruise lines take pride that as much as 100,000 have boarded their cruise ships in a single year.

Camp Carnival
Carnival Cruise Lines even have what they call Camp Carnival which is their line-up of children’s activities planned for the whole year round. Children here include ages two to fifteen years and will ensure that every child on board has his or her own activity to do, All are aimed to make their vacation stay on board a Carnival Cruise line memorable and worth being back for more.   

Included in the Carnival Cruise Lines’ agenda are the supervised game activities for children who will have more enjoyment if somebody acted like a party host in charge of the games. In other areas, children who still need baby sitting services can also be provided with a child care specialist , so that parents can have the chance to truly enjoy their vacation breaks, away from the monotony of their usual chores.

Carnival Cruise Lines all have playrooms that are adequately filled with all sorts and all forms of games, toys and educational materials that will provide for all ages. Older kids won’t miss their game consoles and personal computers since every ship has an arcade like room filled with all time favorite video games as well as the latest.    

The latest addition to Carnival Cruise Lines is the Carnival Splendor, where Carnival Cruise Lines’ love for children is even more emphasized. .They have incorporated at the Lido Deck a water spray park that will make their swimming pool resort more enjoyable than ever not only for kids but for adults as well. Another innovation is a 5,500-square-foot children’s play area which is said to be the largest among Carnival Cruise Lines fleet of seafaring vessels. It includes a dance floor where teenagers can hang out for their own kind of cool fun, fully equipped with state of the art sound and lighting systems.    

In fact Carnival Cruise lines have teamed up with the Coco-Cola Company, to create “Club O2”. It promises a lot of fun stuff to do for young people where they can have the chance to meet new friends through different activities and gaming skills that will be supervised by expert staff. Even the shy ones who simply wish to have a place to chill out can spend their time just listening to their favorite tunes. “Club O2” will welcome kids from 15 to 17 to become a member.

Dining Satisfaction for Everyone   

Carnival Cruise Lines take pride not only in providing fun-filled entertainment for the whole family. They also make sure that everyone’s appetite is satisfied regardless of age. Of course, it’s natural for adults to have the usual casual or fine dining and even the romantic dinners for honeymooners. In fact, the cruise ship proudly announces who the chef is and will boast of his credentials, so everyone knows that all the food served at Carnival Cruise Lines are prepared with proper supervision and planning.   

Kids will never run out of choices and will not be forced to eat foods that will not pass their discriminating tastes. Children’s menus contain a collection of all time children’s favorites like spaghetti, hamburgers, hotdogs, and almost anything that will surely please a child’s palate. Baked goodies and ice cream won’t be missed and in fact, a 24-hour pizzeria is always around to save the day. In fact if you’re lucky and find yourself in one of the Carnival Cruise lines that serves extravagant midnight buffets, no one goes back to their rooms famished.

So why travel to a far off place just to find a vacation resort spot to spend your holidays in? The whole family can simply board any of the Carnival Cruise Lines for 7 or more nights of travel bound for a quick sightseeing tour and at the same time enjoy the accommodations on board a first class floating hotel and resort. It’s like having the best of both worlds of traveling while having fun at the same time.

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