MMORPG (Part 1)

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You assume and take control of a character in the game that is usually hosted by the game’s publisher and it usually continues to exist while the player is away from the game which is usually called Offline or AFK (Away From Keyboard). MMORPG are very popular throughout the world with revenues exceeding half a billion dollars in 2005 and one billion dollars in 2006.

All MMORPG have almost the same concept and themes for example some form of progressing, social interaction in the game, in game culture and character customization. Many games also often have new choices added to the game, this is called update. In most MMORPG, the aim of the game is to develop the player’s character and many of them have a progression system called experience points in which upon reaching it might grant them a better things to do or makes them better at what they are doing or both. Some games provides in game social interaction where guilds or clans can be talked about and some games have mini games where teamwork is required to win the game.

Game moderators or game masters are elected by the creator of the game to supervise and report any misbehavior and defects in the game. These people in some games have knowledge about the future about the game and updates which they are forbidden to tell to anyone. In the game there is its own economy where there are virtual cash that act like real money which you buy and sell things with.

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