INVICTUS. Not your average feel good sports movie.

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    Clint Eastwood has earned his spot among the elite directors of all time.  Without the usual hollywood appetite for gunfights, carchases, and random sexual encounters with beautiful actresses (who may or may not be able to act), Eastwood shares his stories with a blillience that is becoming less and less common.  Stearing away from the glamor and into the raw drama of modern motion pictures, he is leaving his mark and we are all lucky to take part.

    In his newest installment, Invictus, Eastwood and cast including, Morgan Freeman, and Matt Damon, portray the hardships which consumed Nelson Mandella’s struggle to become a leader of a nation. The sports sequences are appealing enough but do not overshadow the difficult struggle to achieve lasting peace. This is a story of humanity at it’s absolute best, told in a fashion that doesn’t leave the audience with a Rocky 9 feeling.

  I hesitate to get too descriptive as I am someone who hates to read reviews that give away too much. I will therefore do the opposite and leave my readers with adequite room to make up thier own minds. If you would like to view a movie with supurb acting, beautiful directing, and a REALness not often found in movies today, Invictus, may be for you.

    I have over the years become more and more intrigued by Clint Eastwood’s ability to showcase a great range of acting tallent without making his films overbearing. Control and grace are two words that I would associate with his ability to achieve this task.  I am for once in awe of a great story worth listening to by a man who doesn’t feel the need to spoonfeed his audience. Thank you Mr. Eastwood!


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